Doing the Right Things at the Right Place | Paul Jessop | Episode 174

Paul Jessop | Episode 174

Paul Jessop

Paul Jessop JugPaul Jessop started potting when he was twelve-years old. Paul’s first full time pottery gig started when he was eighteen. Eventually he gave up the potter’s life by the time he was twenty-three. For the next 20 years Paul spent his time selling ceramic tiles to architects and designers in central London. In 2008 Paul lost his job when he was made redundant. It was then that Paul returned to his first love and started Barrington Pottery. Paul is making “Simple Honest Pottery” based on traditional west country slip ware.


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How much of your creativity do you think is innate and how much is developed?

I think it is all there it is just finding a way to bring it out.For me anyway. I have in my mind pots that I want to make in the future that I am not able to make yet and the only way to get better is to keep making pots.

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How much does your relationship with friends affect your work?(other potters)

A friend of mine recently asked my why I bisque and asked why I do not raw fire and showed me how much time it would save me in my production. So in January of next year I am going to do some trials in raw glazing.

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Do you set goals for yourself on your creativity?

No. I don’t think so. I know pots in my head I would like to make and they will always be there. I take commissions that I wouldn’t normally do because I see it as a challenge that would push me.

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What is your purpose as a business?

I want to make things that I feel enhance people’s lives, that they could use them and gives joy and makes people talk about things. If someone bought one of our jugs and it’s on the table, it’s a talking point. I love the fact that people keep coming back and buying more stuff.

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