Branding for Potters | Anna Eaves | Episode 180

Anna Eaves | Episode 180

Anna Eaves

Anna Eaves White PlatesAnna Eaves is the owner, designer, and ceramic artist behind Arrow + Sage, her brand and studio based in Raleigh, NC.  Anna is a native North Carolinian and self taught potter with early instruction coming from her mother, also a potter.  Ceramics from Arrow + Sage are handbuilt utilizing high quality clays and glazes.  She retails her work online and around the globe in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and has recently received recognition from Elle Decoration and Vogue UK.

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How much focus should a person put on building their brand?

I think as long as you are consistent with what you put out there, consistent with your body of work, and sort of have a general tonal quality, I think that is how you can do it. I think it is sort of incredible that anyone that has the time and energy can do that now. I think it is important to focus on but not hyper focus on.

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Explain from your point of view, what is a brand?

I think it is a way that people recognize you. A name, a body, an aesthetic, a feel, a look, just a general aesthetic and quality of it and how you portray that would be your brand, I guess.

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Why does a brand matter to an audience?

I think people want to feel like they are supporting something and are part of something.

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How much should you be reading your audience while developing  your branding?

I think pretty heavily. But I also think that just because some one doesn’t like something right away that you should just forget the idea. I think you  have to allow yourself space and flexibility in that sense and not let just what people want to see dictate what you make and create.

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If you could go anywhere on the planet where would you want to go and why?

I want to go to Australia. I connected with a family over there that opened a shop and they carry my work and we have just gone back and forth on email. I think it would be so neat to go there.

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A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman

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