Instagram Strategies | Ron Shaw & Jeni LiCata | Episode 186

Ron Shaw & Jeni LiCata | Episode 186

Jeni LiCota and Ron Shaw

Jeni LiCota and Ron Shaw urchinThe Claw and The Sea is the brainchild of two lovers, Ronald Shaw and Jeni Licata. Together, Ron and Jeni create an array of functional and sculptural ceramics inspired by botany, mycology, marine biology, and astronomy. These pieces range from handmade, soda-fired tableware sets like plates, cups, bowls, and serving pieces, to their sea-urchin-themed salt and pepper shakers, starfish Christmas ornaments, or salvaged pallet wood urchin towel racks. Jeni and Ron also have intricately-carved sporenet terrariums with homegrown and propagated succulent plants.

Jeni LiCota and Ron Shaw Pineapple Planter


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Jeni LiCota and Ron Shaw Working

What motivates you?

J: I think it is the freedom of being able to wake up when I want to wake up, know that I need to make some work, and being happy. It is so relieving to have this kind of opportunity. We get to spend time in the studio and we like it there.

Jeni LiCota and Ron Shaw Together

How important is a strong work ethic?

R: Absolutely essential. If you cannot put in bare minimum fifty hour weeks you are not going to make it. In the beginning it takes work every day. If you don’t have discipline to be able to do that then it’s going to be real hard on you. Working hard will afford you the opportunity to do other things later on down the road.

Jeni LiCota and Ron Shaw Spheres

How do you schedule your days?

J: I would definitely say I make more of a schedule. I have an agenda where I will write down my week with what needs to be made. I do some substituting so I have to figure out which nights I will be working late in the studio and which mornings I will be waking up early to the schools or other classes.

R: Yeah, if you have it there right in front of you you can just knock them all off one at a time. Checklists are obviously great.

Jeni LiCota and Ron Shaw Planters

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The Richest Man In Babylon 

Jeni LiCota and Ron Shaw Pieces

If you could have any animal attribute what would it be?

J: I think it would be being able to breathe under water.

R: I’m going to go with flying. For sure.

Jeni LiCota and Ron Shaw Lamp Jeni LiCota and Ron Shaw Detail


Instagram: @TheClawandtheSea

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