Jumping Before You Look | Melina LaVecchia Daniels | Episode 190

Melina LaVecchia Daniels | Episode 190

Melina LaVecchia

Melina LaVecchia Veggie PlatesMelina LaVecchia Daniels specializes in creating tableware that is not only functional but relates to food and the user in an aesthetically-minded way. Each piece is made to inspire you to linger around the table just a little bit longer and to enjoy the luxury of gathering around food together.



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What is your favorite social media platform and why? 

My favorite social media platform is Instagram. You can understand the trend and the aesthetic I think easier. You do see the trend in design through social media. Even if you just look at how people are posting their photos. I pay attention to that. So that’s been really easy to see. If I want to grow my photography skills why don’t I go to a photographers social media and see how they shoot product photography? Why don’t I check out how to style my plates with food? I’m going to follow a chef and see how he styles his plates with food. So I think that’s my favorite social media account because I’ve learned so much from it.

Melina LaVecchia Patterned Plate

How do you use your Instagram to grow your business? 

So I’ve never sold anything from Instagram. I’ve never said, “Here’s a mug for $25. If you want it you have to comment now.” But I do advertise on it and say, “This just came out of the kiln. I’m going to be posting it on my website tomorrow!” or “These pieces are going to be at a market show in Ashville tomorrow.”

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When you are marketing are you marketing yourself, a product, or a brand? 

Oh that’s a great question. I’m trying to market a brand. I would like my pieces to relate with the relationship we have with dining and food and community. Rather than it just being a pretty plate. So I think I try to market my pieces with people or with food or with drink because that’s what I want them to be associated with. I would rather you use your favorite mug every single day with your favorite coffee beverage every morning than have it sit pretty on a shelf because you don’t want to break it or have something happen to it.

Melina LaVecchia Honey Comb and Plate

How are you going to balance being a stay at home mom and a maker? 

This is a question I wake up every morning to. How am I going to do this? I’m going to take it a day at a time. I definitely look up to a lot of women entrepreneurs that are raising children at the same time. I’m trying to not put any expectations to what this may look like. Luckily our studio is in our hom and my husband is a maker as well. But I really think we are just trying to learn as we go.

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The Artisan Soul by Erwin Raphael McManus

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