Die As An Individual | Robin Hopper | Episode 195

Robin Hopper | Episode 195

Robin Hopper

Robin Hopper SW series plateRobin Hopper is an internationally known potter, teacher, author, garden designer and arts activist. He has taught throughout Canada, and in England, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea, Japan and Israel. His ceramic work is in public, corporate and private collections throughout the world.


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When was your best bit of life?

From 3 to 71. It has all been wonderful. Think positive has been my credo as well.

The other credo I use all the time is : Try it and see.

Robin Hopper phoenixbowl

What was your proudest moment?

I’m waiting for it to happen. I am hoping this DVD that will be coming out in March will be my proudest moment.

Robin Hopper parabolic bottle Clematis series

What was your happiest moment?

Finding mud at the age of 3.

Robin Hopper mallet vase

What do you see yourself celebrating now?

Live for the moment. I am always looking for the next thing that is around the corner that is going to be exciting for me. This DVD has been a very exciting project. That has been a cathartic process in itself.

Robin Hopper Large Casserole

How do you say goodbye gracefully?

Just say, “See you in the next one.”

Robin Hopper landscape bottles

What do you love most about your wife?

She’s wonderful. She’s a tough cookie. She really makes me think things over. I am very impetuous and Judy is really down to earth and she looks after the business things. I think we are a perfect match.

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All Photographs taken by Judi Dyelle

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  • Stefanie Robinson

    so wonderful to hear the end of life spoken about so freely and peacefully…an inspiration to us all

  • Nancy Campbell

    I’ve never met Mr. Hopper, but I have 3 of his books and I’ve watched some of his videos through Ceramic Arts Daily. A true master. Hearing this episode was a real gift and one that I have saved in my itunes so that I can listen to it as often as I wish. Thank you Robin Hopper for sharing your life, your talent and your teachings with the rest of the world. Peace.

  • George Orr

    Robin Hopper was just the finest man you’d ever meet.