“There’s Always a Market” | Sikiu Perez | Episode 209

Sikiu Perez | Episode 209

Sikiu Perez

Sikiu Perez SproutSikiu Perez was born in Venezuela. At early age, Sikiu started art school, where her father worked teaching ceramics. While in Venezuela, Sikiu acquired an Advertising and Marketing degree. In 2001 Sikiu moved to The United States, where she now lives with her husband who built her studio on the shore of a beautiful lake.

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How can I find the best audience for my product?

There is no such thing as a best audience in my opinion. I think as you love what you do people will love what you make. And that person who loves your work is your best audience.

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How do you determine what your audience craves?

Demand. I keep doing the things that don’t sell for my own reward.

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How do you help potential customers decide to buy?

I think clay should be touched.It should be presented in a way that they can see how they could use it in their home or for display in their home. In photography don’t just use a plain background. A plain background is good for a gallery, but if you want to present it to someone who will picture themselves with that piece, take a picture of someone holding your bowl, or someone displaying the piece of art on a table, or a shelf,so people can say

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How do you get people to trust you enough to turn to you?

I guess online marketing helps a lot.

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What was the first thought you had this morning when you woke up?

I am gong to talk to Paul Blais today! Finally!

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Book recommendation

Frida by Barbara Mujica




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