The Joy of Starting Over | Annie Chrietzberg | Episode 212

Annie Chrietzberg | Episode 212

Annie Chrietzberg

Annie Chrietzberg watering canAnnie Chrietzberg took her first ceramics class in 1991, and then went on to acquire both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Ceramics. In addition to making and selling work, she has written more than twenty articles for Pottery Making Illustrated, taught at the college level, and has given workshops around the country and in Canada.


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How do you get your inspiration?

I am a deep nerd and I actually really love the raw materials. I like to look at titanium. It’s really sparkly. In my head it’s funny to pair a classic glaze ingredient with an inclusion pigment.  So basically I’m cracking my self up in my studio. Just trying different things and it works. You know if I think something is funny like ‘what two glazes next to each other would be hilarious.’ So basically I’m just trying to crack myself up and it’s only funny to me.

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What’s your work day like? 

When I’m working in the studio I get up, have breakfast, hang out with Doug, and we usually have breakfast and coffee and tea. And I usually go out to the studio and Geppetto, my little pal, follows me out there. And I work all day and occasionally Geppetto wants to go outside. He’ll bark at the window and I’ll go outside and throw the ball for him. And then just go back and work I work until it gets dark. So in the winter time I have a shorter work day.

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How do you market yourself? 

Well at shows I always have really colorful business cards. I actually just revived my Earth to Annie page on Facebook like a month ago. I started playing on Instagram like a month ago. Like before I just never had time to do that stuff. I’ve just started paying attention to the online thing. I’m working on that. I’ve played on Periscope a little bit. But probably the biggest thing I’ve done to market myself was write for Pottery Making Illustrated.

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How do your customers know that you love them? 

Because I make pots that makes them smile. I pay attention to all the parts of pottery that is important. Like it feels good to the lips. It feels good to the hands. You can put it in the dishwasher. The glazes fit the pieces well. I don’t know! Cause I always answer emails and send notes. I don’t know.

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What is your favorite social media platform?

Probably Facebook. I’ve just been on there for so long. I have a lot of people on there and lots of conversations.

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What about your work makes you really happy? 

The different color combinations. I get the same kind of creative in my glazing process as I get in my making process. And I just unloaded a glaze kiln so I haven’t even started the making cycle again. yeah just all the different color combinations and things that I can do.

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Out of the Earth, Into the Fire by Mimi Obstler

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  • oh wow, Love this work. I also work with textures and colourful glazes and this has given me permission to go crazy with it. Such fun ceramics.