Social Media Testing | Joseph Travis | Episode 214

Joseph Travis | Episode 214

Joseph Travis

Joseph Travis Sea and Sand at largeJoseph Travis is a maker of functional ceramic objects, which are either filmed or live streamed straight from the Red Fox Pottery Studio. Currently Joseph is updating his pottery portfolio and placing the rest into an archive. Digital Ceramics Researcher: Joseph is currently a research student within MIRIAD at Manchester Metropolitan University, researching how we can use e-learning to help teach traditional skills like ceramics.

Joseph Travis Wood salt and slip


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Joseph Travis trying to lose control

Why social media? What does it do for you?

Well I don’t really live near many potters so using social media to start off with allowed me to connect with people. I started off with blogging and kind of met a lot of people through that and then when you meet people at shows you say, Hi, I’m Red Fox pottery and they say, I know you! It has always been an icebreaker for me.

Joseph Travis trying to let the work be incidental

What problem does social media help to solve?

For me it’s just about having those conversations and engaging with people.

Joseph Travis Story Telling Mugs

With social media is it important to have a consistent tone or feel with what you are putting out?

Some people do but because I like to experiment I don’t always strive for consistency. I’m sometimes striving for things that are  bit different.

Joseph Travis searching for  standardisation

How does social media help you in your research?

The live-streaming kind of started the basis of my research. The idea of live-streaming became the pure focus of what I thought would be most useful for the people to learn online. Especially with things like ceramics because there is that almost instant engagement.

Joseph Travis salt and wood boats 2

If you could choose only one form of social media which would you stick with and why?

That’s a hard one. I’m kind of stuck between Periscope and Instagram.

Joseph Travis Salt and wood boats 1


Potters on Pottery by Elisabeth Cameron & Philippa Lewis

Joseph Travis Mixed and Pollished Clay

Joseph Travis Favourite Piece from my undergrad

Joseph Travis Carving Boats


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