Doing Things They Say You Can’t Do | Emily Free Wilson | Episode 227

Emily Free Wilson | Episode 227Emily Free Wilson

Emily Free Wilson VaseEmily Free Wilson is a ceramic artist and entrepreneur in Helena, Montana. She runs her pottery business Free Ceramics and the Studio Art Center, with her husband Matt Wilson. In 2014, Emily and Matt purchased an old funeral home and have converted into an art center. Emily recently retired from 10 years as the gallery director at the Archie Bray Foundation.

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Why happy work?

Because depressing isn’t an option. I think we need that in our lives.I am trying to go happy with a little bit of sophistication, a little bit contemporary and whimsical. I want people when they use my pots,to smile and have them brighten their day.

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What makes a piece happy?

When it surprises you. When it comforts you. When it’s familiar. What I like about my designs while they may look like flowers or fireworks or waves or skittles, they could be something else to someone else. So I like that they are little bit abstract like that.

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Do you think objects can change our moods?

Yeah, definitely. It’s like your favorite pair of jeans or your favorite movie, yeah I think objects can cheer your up or I guess even the opposite.

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What was your favorite or memorable response to your work?

Once I was having a sale at my house and the sale would take place on the washer and dryer in the back kitchen. Our house in 1100 square feet so there is not a ton of space. Someone said, “Quick, Emily, hide this, I have to get this as a Christmas gift for my sister and she’s right over there.” So I opened the dryer door and threw the pot into the dryer. It was one of my first pot with my doily design, my decorative pattern design. It was just fun that I was hiding pieces in my dryer for gifts.

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What is your favorite thing about being in a family?

I think sharing experiences. Watching Clayton grow up is pretty cool. He is turning into a really cool kid.

I like that I am loved.

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  • Sharon Ohnesorge Sheets

    I loved this episode of the potters cast. Emily has such a great attitude! I love it that she doesn’t take “you can’t do that” to heart. The way she has lived her life is proof that “you can’t do that is just a limiting belief, an opinion, and not a fact. Also, listening to her and looking at her pots makes me happy 😀