Finding the Passion | Elizabeth Borowsky | Episode 255

Elizabeth Borowsky | Episode 255


elizabeth-borowsky-9Elizabeth b. Borowsky is a ceramic artist living and working in the beautiful countryside of South Carolina.  She received a BFA from Clemson University with an emphasis in sculpture.  She launched Elizabeth b. Ceramics in 2014.  Her work is elegant, functional, and often carved or pierced with clean, graceful lines.



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How do you find that one thing that makes you happiest in life?

I tell you I prayed for mine. That’s all I can say. I prayed for it and I got it. I am so thankful. I know it sounds nuts but I could say it a million times and that would not express how thankful I am that I found the media that I am meant to do. My mom reminds me that I draw and do portraits but my heart is all into clay.


How do you test the market to settle on your price point?

Really through trial and error. It really depends where I am. I really had to find a price that I thought was affordable for me to be working year round. What do I need to make and where I don’t feel like I am gouging anyone and I feel like I am being fair. If things are not selling then I am probably in the wrong place.


How do you deal with the negative voices in your head that tells you to back off?

I just replace it. You know, I replace it with what’s true. The first show I ever applied to I didn’t get into. Looking back on it I can see why they didn’t let me in. I had those thoughts in my head like You aren’t good enough, you’ve only been doing this for a year. What are you doing this is ridiculous?  I thought I can either listen to that or I can kick off my shoes, put on  my apron and go wedge up some clay and keep on keeping on.


Who inspires you?

Well I’m daily inspired by the people on Instagram.People from all over. I am also inspired by my mom. She was a single mom and she started a school because she had children to take care of so she started a school for us. The school grew to 200 kids a day and 40 employees. She did it for 25 years and she was always hustling and bustling around but she was always smiling too. She actually has lymphoma and has been fighting it for 3 years and the radiance on her face is only a God thing. She inspires me so much.


Just for fun. What course do you think was the most useless class in high school?

I’ll tell you the one I didn’t learn anything in. History, I got good grades that’s the sad part.




Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth



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