An Installation Artist Business | Gregory Miller | Episode 263

Gregory Miller | Episode 263


gregory-miller-29_and_fabulous_detailGregory Miller is known for his sculptural ceramic installations. Gregory’s style includes various forms and finishes to create a metaphoric microcosm of subjects. Gregory uses an array of clay bodies, from porcelain to stoneware, with each piece hand formed with textures, mixed media and glazes to create the desired effect.



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Do you feel creativity is part of human nature or does it have to be nurtured?

I think it is a combination. In the book, The Artist’s Way the author’s concept is that everybody is an artist or has an artistic ability. They just have to tap into what it is for them. So that is why I say it is both. Everybody has ability; you just have to find medium and then develop it. One of the catch phrases in The Artist’s Way for me is that quantity breeds quality. So the more you do it, the better you become at it.


Does your personal experience influence your creative expression?

It does. When I was originally in college, I was going to be an academic and be a college professor and write papers for a living. And then getting into the ceramic medium and then having the exposure of other artists and then being able to experiment really gave me a sense of creativity that has manifested itself over twenty years.


How is an art business different from the rest of the business world?

You’ve got to keep getting exposure. For a brick-and-mortor business there is a destination for people to come to and see your product. But artists such as myself has to continue to get exposure so that people will continue to buy. And that give you the ability to keep making it.


What do you feel is the most important thing to be focusing on for the business of art?

Within the last year I have actually created a studio where I have my kilns which has given me the freedom to produce more. A couple of years ago when I first had my website, the person that was developing my site was very into online sales. So his vision for me was to be able to have an online market place. I would create the installations, photograph them, and then try to do sales off of my website. At first I didn’t want to do that, but now is really starting to nag at me and I want to develop an online market place.


Where do you want your art to take you?

I am just going to let it take me where it takes me and I am going to enjoy the ride. The more I’ve been able to create and get the exposure, then I’ve been able to travel the country and do installations and go place that I probably wouldn’t have gone.


For what will your future seventy-year-old self thank your present-day self for doing today?

I would probably say that he would thank him for finding his voice and finding his way of making a mark on this wold. We know ancient civilizations from their ceramics. The thought that thousands of years from now that if they were to run across some of my work, then it would be a reflection on who we are as a society.



The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron



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