Pine Needles and Pottery | Hannie Goldgewicht | Episode 264

Hannie Goldgewicht | Episode 264


hannie-goldgewicht-10Hannie was born in San Jose, Costa Rica but also spent part of her childhood in New York. She graduated with honors from the Universidad De Costa Rica with a degree in Fine Arts. Although her major was sculpture she was interested in all mediums, experimenting with ceramics, wood, metal, stone, textiles, mosaic, handmade paper just to mention a few.

Hannie has participated in many collective art shows as well as being accepted into the Costa Rican National “Biennial” on numerous occasions.

Together with her husband Leo Gotlibowski they created “Lugar del Espiral” to combine their talent as artists. They have worked together on many projects. They received high praise for their work for the Costa Rican Pre-Columbian Gold Museum where 8 life size human indigenous sculptures they made are on permanent display. They have recently moved with their son to Los Angeles to embark on a new life and creative career.



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What inspires you to make a certain piece on a certain day?

That is a hard question because the work has so many different phases to it, so many different aspects, from the throwing to the gathering of the pine needles, to the firing,to the finish, to the actual sitting down to weave. So I go through phases. Parts of the day I will work on the wheel, or maybe I will just work on the wheel once or twice a week. So when I actually sit down to weave it’s a thing about the mix of the mediums and the form. That is what inspires me: form and design and just being able to combine the materials together.



What do you do to get into your creative zone?

I guess it depends on what medium I am working on at the moment. I definitely put on my earphones and I put on a book. My thoughts have to be out of the way. When I am listening to a book my mind is somewhere else and I am just creating, just making.


Do you pay attention to other people’s reaction to your work?

I guess all the time. I really like it when people like my work. We do a lot of art shows so we meet a lot of people and sometimes people walk right by and they won’t even look. With some people I get the most amazing reactions which is just really nice. When people are , Wow I’ve never seen this before. It is really nice to get feedback.



How does the reaction of your audience affect what you create?

I don’t know if it does. honestly. I am noticing what gets more likes on Instagram. So I have been noticing what colors get more likes or what shapes get more likes. So I think , Maybe I should be making more of this because people are really liking this. 


If your work were edible, what would it taste like?

It would definitely taste earthy, you know. My pieces have smell, which people get a kick out of. I tell people they can touch them and hold them and even smell them. They have pine needles so they smell really good. So I am thinking earthy salad, you know what I mean?




The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind




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