Making a Job for Yourself | Elaine Fallon | Episode 277

Elaine Fallon | Episode 277


elaine-fallon-1Elaine Fallon trained as a potter in Thomastown Pottery Skills course in Co Kilkenny. Elaine is now 45 years old, mother of 3, and a puppy. Elaine’s husband is an architectural photographer and after the recession they jokingly set up what they call Brookwood Enterprises. (Brookwood is the name of the road they live on!) Donal moved from his studio from the city centre and built a studio next to Elaine’s pottery. So Donal and Elaine have a very busy house with work, studio assistants, children, and everyday life mixed altogether. 
Elaine makes functional wheel based work mostly in porcelain stoneware. Elaine lived in New York in her early twenties and used to take the train to Kew Gardens to splash around in a studio called the Potter’s Wheel which still exists today! 




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What would you say is the best business decision you have made so far?

To invest in good photography and get on online shop.


What was the worst mistake you made as a business so far?

To guess my wholesale prices instead of working it out on paper. I guesstimated it, big mistake!


How does one survive a bad decision?

I think if you love the work more than you hate that decision you’ll keep going. So if you’ve got enough motivation and also, very importantly, you reach out to people who do know. For example this year I’ve got a business mentoring course, so I have a mentor who is keep tabs on me and making me write plans, and making me put down figures and that is good. The best thing about making mistakes is you never make those mistakes twice.


How does someone go about turning a dream into a goal?

For me for the future, to turn my dreams into a goal, I would need to plan carefully. I will need to check on my finances. I will need to know my target audience and if there is an audience, and if there is a market and if there is exactly what they want. Then tailor my plans accordingly. And accept that as well, to know that maybe my research for my next product won’t tell me what I want to hear, but maybe it will.


What has been your most successful marketing approach?

Facebooking definitly. I am the queen of Facebook. My kids say if I fainted, all they would have to do is wave my phone in front of my face and say; Mom, you have a new like, and I’d come around. It’s a great way to meet one on one and really get to know your audience and connect with people.


How would your best friend describe you?

Enthusiastic,loyal,sensitive and caring.




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