Quick Convention Conversations | NCECA 2017 | Episode 304

NCECA 2017 | Episode 304

The star of today’s episode is NCECA! Portland, OR was the host this year for the annual conference. Thousands of clay people invaded the city from all over the world. I personally met people that traveled from Norway, Australia, Canada, and Brazil. And of course, lots of people from the US.

I walked around the conference and related areas and had conversations with lots of different people. The show notes for that follow will have pictures of the people’s work that I talked to, and links to their Instagram pages. They will be displayed in the order in which they appear in the episode. I think there is only one person that didn’t have any point of contact for me to track down.

Brett Kern @brettkernart





Skutt Logo



Number 1 brand in America for a reason. Skutt.com


Georgies Logo


For all your ceramic needs go to Georgies.com


Michael Stanley with Potters For Peace @doughousepottery & @pottersforpeace



Priscilla Gray @gray.priscilla

Anita Bora @anitaboraceramics

Kyle Guymon @kyleguymonpottery

Max Seinfeld @maxseinfeld

Hui Young @galaxyclay

Trevor Dunn @trevortdunn

Troy Bungart @troybungart

Jessikah Ann Armstrong @jessikahann

Valerie Walchek @littlewolfceramics

Forrest Middelton @forrestmiddelton & The Studio Sander

Bebe Federmann @beb_federmann

Joe Taylor @iamjoetaylor

Virgil Ortiz @virgilortiz

Adam Field @adamfieldpottery

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  • Anita Bora

    Thanks Paul! It was great chatting with you and I didn’t quite expect this to be up so quickly, but I enjoyed listening to everyone. (And I have no idea why I sound like an express train, I think it was just the excitement of being at NCECA!).