A Few Good Points on Growing a Business | Adam Buick | Episode 367

Adam Buick | Episode 367

Adam Buick is a ceramic artist based in West Wales. Following a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology he turned to ceramics training in Ireland and Wales. Since 2006 he has built a nationwide reputation and has exhibited internationally. In 2013 Buick was selected for the Jerwood Makers Open, other recent exhibitions include Beaux Arts Bath, Joanna Bird London and Corvi-Mora London. Buick has been widely published and has work in public and private collections around the world including The British Museum and the National Museum, Cardiff.





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You have one form that you play with constantly. How do you keep the passion going for one form?

So this is a theme that I get quite a lot and I actually find it quite freeing having one form because it sort of takes one element out that you don’t have to think about or contemplate. It gives you that freedom to play with the surface and the concept and the materials that you are using to make that form.  I find that is where the passion is, if that makes sense.

People will ask artists quite often: Where do you get your inspiration? Instead I would like to ask: Why do you stay inspired?

Why do I stay inspired? Because I enjoy it and I enjoy the lifestyle it allows me. It makes me happy.

How do you budget your time to do what you have got to do?

Like I said, I had my first child the same year that I started my studio and I was always determined to keep a fairly normal working life. So sort of 9 to 5 and not working week-ends is my aim. So obviously there are times I do work outside of those hours but generally I have stuck to that. I think it is good to create that boundary and not over do it.

How do you go about setting goals to get your work done between 9 and 5?

I have a big year planner up on the wall and I have all the things I have coming up for that year. And I just work around that and I know now exactly what fits in the kiln and I know exactly how many I need to make in order to have enough pieces. Yes, lots of lists.

How do you go about finding grants and getting them to buy onto what you need?

I think that all falls into the same category as doing the fairs and things, you’ve got to know your world, if you know what I mean, and know where the grants are and know this sort of stuff. Some grants that I have applied for I have known about for years and I have thought, I am going to go for that at some point. They want to give these awards and grants and quite often you can just ring them up and say, How do I go about this? They are often quite helpful in a way.

About developing skill: Is it more important from your perspective to make a lot of work versus getting a lot of instruction?

You can’t beat practice. Practice is a slightly funny term isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be like practice, you’ve just got to make a lot of work. Almost you have to have the demand so I comes that you make a lot of work. Obviously there is a need  for instruction. Lack of skill can be frustrating.

If you were granted a million dollars what would you do with it?

I would buy a nice home for my family and take all my friends on a surf trip and if there was anything left, give it to charity.


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