The Power of Periscope | Victoria Pamlenyi | Episode 372

Victoria Pamlenyi | Episode 372

Victoria Pamlenyi is a master sculptor, pyromaniac, and glaze alchemist. Victoria brings rehydrated dust of mountains to new life by shaping unique retrofuturistic creatures and fanged pots in her laboratory for inter-silicate research. Victoria is a fearless explorer, centrifugal sculptor, and is always ready to expertly share her supreme knowledge of everything clay with students and colleagues alike.


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What makes a good Periscope scope?

A good scope…it doesn’t necessarily have to be a tutorial or something but I feel a god scope does have something that it wants to share with the viewers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a how to. It can also be, you probably know who Michael Klein is, he can have short scopes just talking about something rather philosophical, maybe having to do with clay, maybe not. He does it in a way that makes you kind of think, it makes you want to interact. The point of the platform is interaction. So scopes that invite people to interact and the people who scope actually look at the comments and use them and talk to the people who are watching.

What makes a good scope viewer?

I would say it is someone who in some way interacts. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Just saying something. Saying hello when you arrive, asking something, occasionally commenting. Just making your presence known in some way or another. Some people may not be comfortable writing in English, so that is fine to watch as well.

The world is getting more and more comfortable with online interaction. How do you make sure you are still being safe as a scoper?

You know, maybe I am just crazy and naive and everything but, the thing is where I live now, I am in the middle of nowhere, I don’t think anyone scopes here. So I usually don’t have the little map thingy saying where I am and if it’s on it doesn’t bother me. Like anything else on the internet you just have to be conscious of sharing about where you are and what you are doing. I don’t think it’s any different from any other social platform.

What kind of equipment is critical for good Periscoping?

It is interesting that you should mention that because I started out with an old iPad and it worked fine. I used to take an old sponge and that was my iPad mount, but that didn’t work that well because I couldn’t move it around. So I ended up by this goose-necked thingy, but now I use a regular tri-pod camera mount to mount my iPad on which works OK but it is not very flexible. And just recently I won an Arkon mount for my phone through Kevin Kowalski and I am so grateful.

How much planning do you put into a scope?

Sometimes I just feel like scoping and I just do it and there is zero amount of planning involved. But a few of them, when I talk about glaze chemistry  I do, at least in my head. I am actually a secondary school teacher so I do think about what I do when I have my tutorials. With experience teaching I am pretty good at quickly figuring out which order I want to do things and how I want to show people. But I don’t sit down and write a long lesson plan or anything. I maybe take 5 or 10 minutes thinking about what I am going to do first and make sure I have the stuff I need on hand.

What is the most powerful thing about Pericope that you appreciate about it?

I will have to say the networking and connecting people. Connecting people all over the world. Still I can see there is a little core of people, group of people who have been scoping for a long time now and we are still around. Even if they are not on as often as they used to be, we do watch each other’s scopes occasionally and pop in to say hi. In most continents of the world, there is a scoper that I have gotten to know well enough that I would visit them.

What is your favorite Periscope memory?

It is being at the Periscope office and surprising the whole Periscope staff with gifts. Seventy or so potters from all over the world sent gifts that we brought to the Periscope headquarters and totally surprised the whole staff. Thanking them for making Periscope possible and connecting all of us. It was just an amazing experience.


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