Working to be a Professor | Coleton Lunt | Episode 375

Coleton Lunt | Episode 375

Coleton Lunt makes functional pottery and sculptural vessels. He fires his work in atmospheric kilns, utilizing the spontaneous nature of flame to decorate the surface of his work. He is equally passionate about teaching and loves sharing ideas and inspiration.



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What is the concept behind your work?

The concept behind my work: To enjoy myself. To create objects that people can bring into their home and get a  sense of peace and harmony.  I am interested in the balance between chaos and harmony.

You said make now, theorize later. What does that mean?

Who knows what we are doing. Life is confusing. We are all kind of fumbling through it trying to figure it out as we go. If you think about the future too much you are not living in the moment. Be present, be passionate, have fun and make stuff, do stuff, be productive. When the work is finished, look back and it will teach you something. It will teach you something about yourself and your subconscious comes out in your work.

How do deadlines shape creativity?

It really pushes it. It’s like a pressure cooker. It really helped me with my show in Seattle. I did a lot of the most ground-breaking work in this month and a half that I had, because when you are an artist you are your own boss. It is next to impossible to get myself up and out of bed by seven on my own account. But if you have a deadline than that becomes your boss. Deadlines are good.They push you to be creative and productive.

How does the opinion of the professors shape your work or shape your creativity?

My initial thought is ah the only opinion that matters is my own. But their opinions mean so much. It shapes my work in a way that makes me want to do better. I definitely want to live up to their expectations.

Do you see the pressure of getting the good grade as being different from having to sell and make a good income?

Well I don’t sell a lot of my work. I could use a business class. But I would say from the business that I have tried to pursue  I would say it is equally as stressful. I would say they are on par with one another. But maybe having your own business is tougher.

Does the freedom from money pressure open the floodgates of creativity?

Like wild. It is amazing. When you don’t have to worry about money then art becomes more artful.

Where is the ultimate place to vacation and why?

Well I don’t vacation enough.  I have had a goal to travel more that I have not been able to live up to for the past ten years. I would have to say the Red Rocks of southern Utah and northern Arizona. There is a level of solitude that I don’t think you can find anywhere else. It is an incredibly spiritual environment. It is unworldly. It is transformative and recharging for your soul. I used to say it is the supreme art and it inspires my art but that is wrong. All that stuff transcends art. It is where art comes from.


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