• Hi Paul, I’m a listener from the UK and a beginner potter. I’m a psychotherapist by day and so throwing on the wheel has already felt like a godsend, I just let my hands do the thinking.

    I am already obsessed with throwing porcelain and have plans to develop a little space for myself to throw when I want to. Which is likely to be every day!

    Just to say I think you are a wonderful person that just oozes kindness and love, you give people a lot of joy. thank you and all the best with your ongoing check-ups.


  • Jacquie Blondin

    Hello Paul and the Potters Cast, I have been listening to your Podcast for the last month after my sister who in in marketing came across it. I have been listening to both the early episodes (up to episode 76) and the most recent ones. I love this format and am very inspired to move towards creating my ceramics as an entrepreneur. I sent in my email to receive the free 7 day workshop. I think I received two but no more than that and now I can not longer find them in my emails. Please let me know how I can start the 7 days.

  • Chuck Flagg

    Hi Paul, I have been enjoying the Potter’s Casts for the past 8 months. I had been searching for podcasts to listen to in the studio. A potter friend, Tim Kowalczyk told me about you as a excellent producer of podcasts. Then when I started downloading podcasts I discovered Tim’s interview with you! It was just like the first time he came to my studio to visit. We live about 38 miles apart a nice 45 minute drive in the country.
    I try to listen to 2-3 podcasts a day. I have been very interested in the discussions on marketing and using social media. Lots of good ideas for this old dog.
    Thanks for all you do,