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Tim Carlburg

Largely a self-taught potter, Tim Carlburg holds a BS in K-12 Art Education.  He has built, owned and operateTims Studiod Carlburg Pottery (a Veteran Owned Business) since 2008 in Kalispell, MT.  Focusing his attention on the micro brewing industry for the past four years, Carlburg has sold growlers to micro breweries and bars around the world and has made countless one-of-a-kind growlers for home brewers and micro brew aficionados alike.  Recent endeavors include producing work oriented for local and national Distilleries; as well as the exploration of more politically charged artwork.



One of Tim's Growlers

One of Tim’s Growlers

Traditional American pottery was often not fancy, nor pretty; it was functional and served a very specific purpose as a cooking, drinking, or storage vessel. Use of this pottery was centered upon the communal acts of cooking, eating, or sharing a drink. It was from this perspective that I created my first growler; a half-gallon beer jug that is based loosely upon traditional moonshine jugs. The sense of community, friendship and camaraderie that can be formed and shared over such a communal vessel was paramount to the thought behind it and it is my intention that the growler play a role during that special time of sharing. Made to be used, they will eventually take on marks of wear; a proud patina that is a direct reflection of where they have been and how they have served.TIm Carlburg Growler 2

Here are a few pieces that were "joined" together in the kiln. Oops!

Here are a few pieces that were “joined” together in the kiln. Oops!

Tim Carlburg Growler 3


What Keeps You Inspired?

Tim's growler is sitting on the bar in the background of Parks and Recreation.

Tim’s growler is sitting on the bar in the background of Parks and Recreation.


Keeping a notepad by my bed.


Reading blogs.

Surfing Etsy.

What are your go-to tools?

Wire trim tool.

Shimpo wheel.

Advice for the potter.

Hang out with potters that are doing it.


Book Cover


The Mud-Pie Dilemma by John Nance



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  • It’s great that the old jug has been revived with the growler niche market! I had a convo with a potter in NE Atlanta that has a thriving growler business due to the 4 or 5 “filling stations” in Decatur and Atlanta!

    Great interview, Thanks guys. keep’em coming! lots of love!

  • Jada Keeran

    This was such a great podcast! “The pieces I was selling then was the best thing I could create at that time.” Wow. This is such a great way to look at this. I cringe as well when people mention that they have some of my first pots or when mom bust out my first mug and I wanted to “accidentally” drop it! Haha what a positive way to look at your growth. Thank you Tim!