Brother Makers | Abe & Eli Lowham | Episode 387

Abe & Eli Lowham | Episode 387

Abe & Eli Lowham are college students attending the University of Wyoming. Abe & Eli grew up in a small town called Lander, Wyoming. The brothers started throwing pottery in high school and have continued with their passion in their shared studio basement while skipping class. Abe is a freshman dual majoring in mechanical engineering and art. Eli is a senior majoring in speech pathology.

(Photos are mix of each brother)

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He Comes From A Long Line Of Artists | Will Talbot | Episode 386

Will Talbot | Episode 386

Will Talbot comes by his love for pottery honestly. Growing up in a family of sculptors, architects, and potters, Will has spent a lifetime saturated with a love for the form. Will’s pottery is inspired by textures and forms he finds in nature, and the fluidity and flexibility of the medium.

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The Heart of a Working Prof | James Watkins | Episode 385

James Watkins | Episode 385

James C. Watkins is a ceramic artist whose work is included in the White House Collection of American Crafts, and the Shigaraki Institute of Ceramic Studies in Shigaraki, Japan.  Mr. Watkins is a Paul Whitfield Horn Professor.  The Horn Professorship is the highest honor that Texas Tech University may bestow on members of its faculty. Horn Professorships are granted to professors in recognition of national and international distinction for outstanding research or other creative scholarly achievements. Mr. Watkins teaches Architectural Ceramics and Architectural Drawing in the College of Architecture. He is also a recipient of the Texas Tech University President’s Excellence in Teaching Award.  He is a 2005 Fulbright Scholar, Teaching in Vietnam at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture.  He is the co-author of two books, “Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques” published by Lark Books and “Architectural Delineation, Presentation Techniques and Projects” published by Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company.  His work is also the subject of a book entitled “A Meditation of Fire the Art of James C. Watkins” by Kippra D. Hopper published by Texas Tech University Press. He received his B.F.A. from the Kansas City Art Institute, and his M.F.A. from Indiana University.

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A Fresh Start | Courtney Puig | Episode 384

Courtney Puig’s passion is to create with clay, to chase her ideas, and strive to perfect her process. At Fort Collins High School in 2000 Courtney was introduced to clay. It was not until 2013 that Courtney began to pursue the craft seriously at Lightwave Pottery on Kaua’i. Dean McRaine supports many clay artists on island. With a nudge from Dean Courtney took a leap, invested in a kiln, and began creating on her lanai. In the years that followed Courtney sold her work at markets to travelers and local residents, collaborated with businesses, and was represented by two galleries. In the summer of 2016, Courtney traveled to Copenhagen for a week workshop with Eric Landon. In December of 2016 Courtney had several of her pieces make it into the Ceramics of Hawaii state exhibition. At the beginning of 2017, through Instagram, David Kuraoka reached out inquiring about Courtney’s clay body, experience and he eventually offered suggestions on how to improve. He said Courtney was learning in the dark and encouraged her to attend NCECA in Portland. That trip opened Courtney’s eyes to this field, was overwhelmingly inspirational, and motivated Courtney to make a big change.

Courtney is taking community classes at the Boulder Potters Guild and the Boulder Pottery Lab. Courtney just completed a group salt firing at the guild. Courtney’s mind is bubbling with ideas and is grateful to be working alongside others instead of in isolation. Courtney has leased a studio space at the Boulder Creative Collective where she will set up shop and create daily. In 2018 Courtney is excited to begin the pursuit of a formal education in ceramics.



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Where does creativity come from?  Are you born with it or is it developed?

Developed. Trusting your instincts and going with your gut and when it strikes just capturing it. Making a sketch, taking a note and following through.

When someone says to you, I haven’t got a creative bone in my body, what do you say?

That is the story you are telling yourself.

You post really consistently on Instagram. What is your marketing strategy?

To have an authentic voice and to educate people about the process so they can understand the craft.

What is your favorite part of making? Is it the throwing, the glazing, the firing…?

Throwing definitely. Trimming. I am learning more about trimming and how important that is. But throwing definitely.

How important is keeping old customers returning?

I think it is important to stay connected and to have a mailing list so that you can communicate with your old customers, just to at least let them know you are unloading your kiln. The people that purchases your work, it connects you and the work  you create becomes a part of their life.

How do you go about gaining new customers?

Slowly but surely. Instagram has been wonderful. In that encouraging your customers to share your pieces on their Instagram and tag you in it so that your network is broader.

What is your favorite thing to do with your daughter?

Cook. She loves to cook and so do I. If we can share a meal together and unwind after school it would be definitely creating in the kitchen.


Anam Cara by John O’ Donohue


Instagram: @courtneypuigpottery

A Brick & Mortar Business | Tiffany Thomas | Episode 383

Tiffany Thomas | Episode 383

Tiffany Thomas is a potter and painter from Florence, South Carolina, where she grew up in a large family on a farm outside of town.  Tiffany found art at Francis Marion University and immediately fell in love, immersing herself into clay and painting. Tiffany received her BA from Francis Marion University in 2012 and she now runs a brick and mortar artisan shop and art studio in a revitalized area of downtown Florence.

Tiffany’s clay work is carved porcelain gemstone pieces and layered abstract paintings. Tiffany’s gemstone pottery depicts the fragility of humanity- it’s  her way of coping with racism, fear, and confusion. While growing up Tiffany was deeply sensitive to the world around her and often retreated into herself for comfort. During her teenage years, Tiffany dealt with bullying and racism, but didn’t develop a way of healing until she found solace in clay. Tiffany’s work has evolved from carving words and phrases of self care into her pieces to layered complex gems that depict positive thoughts and emotions. The lush, overly layered colors and textures mimic a constant reminder to be gentle and take care of one’s self. The world can be harsh and strenuous. Tiffany’s hope is that her work calls you to admire and remember the preciousness of life.

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An Eighth-Grader Making Pottery | Fin Barnes-Long | Episode 382

Fin Barnes-Long | Episode 382

Fin Barnes-Long is 12 years old and his love of ceramics started in an after-school activity about a year ago. Fin now has his own studio in the corner of the family garage where he loves creating something out of nothing, and making it as perfect as he can!

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An Honest Discussion About Making it as a Potter | Ben Jordan | Episode 381

Ben Jordan | Episode 381

Ben Jordan was born and raised in the American Southwest. Ben earned a bachelors degree in Sociology at Northern Arizona University before discovering a passion for clay in 2006. After completing a Bachelors of Fine Art in ceramics at Northern Arizona University Ben went on to work and apprentice in the city of Groningen, in the Netherlands.  After finishing a residency at the Red Lodge Clay Center in 2014, he went on to obtain his Masters in Fine Art in ceramics from Virginia Commonwealth University. After graduate school Ben completed a year long ceramics residency at Pocosin Arts in North Carolina. In September of 2017 Ben will be headed to Montana to begin a long term residency at The Clay Studio of Missoula.

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The Wondering Stage | Molly McGuire | Episode 380

Molly McGuire | Episode 380

Molly McGuire graduated with a BA in ceramics from Central Connecticut State University. Molly’s work is focused on texture and creating a tactile experience in everyday objects such as mugs, cups, and lamps. When Molly is not creating, she serves as the gallery coordinator for the university and works at a local museum.

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Pursuing the Business of Clay | Tabbatha Henry | Episode 379

Tabbatha Henry | Episode 379

Tabbatha Henry is a ceramic artist, designer, and educator in Vermont. A sculptor by nature, Tabbatha currently runs a business creating translucent porcelain lighting and site specific installation sculpture. Tabbatha’s work can be purchased in fine art galleries across the country, as well as a catalog or two, online via Tabbatha’s website, and in her flagship retail and design studio.

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Why Grad School | Naomi Clement | Episode 378

Naomi Clement | Episode 378

Naomi Clement is an artist and educator who explores ideas of home and belonging through the powerful lens of functional ceramics. She received her MFA from Louisiana State University in 2017, and her B.F.A from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design University in 2003. Naomi has exhibited her work throughout the U.S. and Canada, and was recently named a 2017 Emerging Artist by Ceramics Monthly magazine.

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