A Few Good Points on Growing a Business | Adam Buick | Episode 367

Adam Buick | Episode 367

Adam Buick is a ceramic artist based in West Wales. Following a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology he turned to ceramics training in Ireland and Wales. Since 2006 he has built a nationwide reputation and has exhibited internationally. In 2013 Buick was selected for the Jerwood Makers Open, other recent exhibitions include Beaux Arts Bath, Joanna Bird London and Corvi-Mora London. Buick has been widely published and has work in public and private collections around the world including The British Museum and the National Museum, Cardiff.

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A Monster Maker | Kevin “Turkey” Merck | Episode 366

Kevin “Turkey” Merck | Episode 366

Kevin “Turkey” Merck makes functional ceramic ware with a horror twist. Kevin’s work is painstakingly handcrafted and custom glazed which makes each mug an individual piece of art. Though some work has a mold as a starting point, Kevin spends hours shaping and forming through hands-on craftsmanship. Kevin also incorporates fantasy and sci-fi elements into his work when the mood strikes him.

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Benefits of a Cooperative | Mollie Bosworth | Episode 365

Mollie Bosworth | Episode 365

Mollie Bosworth has a ceramics career of more than thirty years, living in far north Queensland, Australia. Living in places limited access to ceramics courses, she has been mostly a self taught potter. She has explored many techniques with her current work utilizing porcelain, usually wheel thrown and featuring soluble metallic salts, decals or crater surfaces.

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Bringing Nature to Clay | Cathy Franzi | Episode 364

Cathy Franzi | Episode 364

Cathy Franzi is an Australian artist making ceramic work inspired by plants, science, and the environment. She holds a BSC from the University of Sydney and an MVA and a PhD in Ceramics from the Australian National University. When she is not in her studio she may be found botanising in the field, studying natural history collections or admiring botanical ceramics in museums.

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Discussing Social Media | Ruth Greenberg, Sharon Greenwood, Rabun Thompson | Episode 363

Ruth Greenberg, Sharon Greenwood, Rabun Thompson | Episode 363

Left to Right: Ruth Greenberg, Sharron Greenwood, Paul Blais, Rabun Thompson

This is a special episode that was recorded live at Georgies’ open house. I sat down with ceramic artists Ruth Greenberg, Rabun Thompson, and Sharon Greenwood. We talked very extensively about the role of social media for today’s growth of a potter’s business.

Sharon Greenwood

Ruth Greenberg

Rabun Thompson

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The Story of Growlerfest | Brad Klem | Episode 362

Brad Klem | Episode 362

Bradley Klem has lived much of his life in Arizona and was first introduced to clay while studying painting at Arizona State University. Since completing his undergraduate degree in 2014 with a focus on ceramics Brad has been regularly exhibiting his work in national and international exhibitions as well as hosting workshops and presentations across the U.S. In 2015 he partnered with Alexandra Jelleberg to co-found, coordinate and direct “GrowlerFest 2015 East and West.” As a founding director of GrowlerFest it is his aim to emphasize the link between the craft brewery movement and the vitality of handmade pottery. Currently he is an MFA candidate at Penn State University.

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How to Test an Idea | Kristen McDermaid | Episode 361

Kristen McDermaid | Episode 361

Kristen McDermaid is an artist working in Salt Lake City and Park City Utah. She received her MFA in 2015 from the University of Utah. She studied Ceramics at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea in 2005. Kristen is passionate about making functional, sculptural, and conceptual ceramic works.

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Growing The pottery Business Through Fairs | Annie Quigley | Episode 360

Annie Quigley | Episode 360

Annie Quigley of Quigley Ceramics is an actor turned ceramic artist.  When the “industry” took its toll she found a new home in clay.  Her signature style is highly detailed pierced forms.  Inspired by shadow play, she slices designs into her clay reminiscent of forests, lace, mandalas, leaves, even a sea turtle.

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Examining Creativity | Colby Charpentier | Episode 359

Colby Charpentier | Episode 359

Colby Charpentier is an Artist in Residence at The Morean Center for Clay in St. Petersburg, Florida. He received a BFA in Ceramics and Glass from Alfred University in 2013 and worked as a studio assistant to Chris Gustin and Daniel Clayman between 2013 and 2016. He most recently completed a 6-month residency at Sonoma Ceramics in Sonoma, California.

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Learning to be an Entrepreneur | Liz Pechacek | Episode 358

Liz Pechacek | Episode 358

Elizabeth Pechacek was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, by her artist mother and chemist father.  She grew up making all manner of things and found her way to clay in college.  She earned a BFA in ceramics and a BA in art history from Indiana University in 2012.  She now operates her ceramic studio in Minneapolis and teaches at Powderhorn Park and The Northern Clay Center.  Her work is all either handbuilt or slip cast from handbuilt prototypes.  Layered with slip, stains, and glaze, the work achieves a rich and complex surface that above all communicates a sense of touch.  Pechacek draws from a diverse range of historical sources, such as Mimbres and Neolithic Chinese pottery.  She bridges these influences with Danish Modern Ceramics and the work of such pioneers as Lucie Rie and Ruth Duckworth.

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