Tom Jaszczak | Episode 8


Tom Jaszczak

SONY DSCTom received a Bachelor of Arts in VisualSONY DSC Art and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Bemidji State University.  After graduating, Tom apprenticed at Mill Creek Pottery for a year and learned the process of wood firing.  Most recently he started a Long Term residency at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT and has been focusing on developing a red earthenware soda fired body of work.Continue reading

Travis Owens | Jugtown Pottery | Episode 7

Travis Owens

Travis Owens grew up making pots with his family at Jugtown Pottery, in Moore County, NC.  He began making pots at an early age; learning from his parents, much the way his family has passed down the craft for over 150 years. As is important with all Jugtown pots, Travis’s pieces use local clays and glazes, all of which are formulated at Jugtown. Travis’s pieces have their own unique style, which draw from historic forms of his family.

Travis Owens Vase 3Travis graduated from NC State University, College of Design in 2007 with a Bachelor’s in Art + Design. He has given talks about Jugtown and his family’s legacy to many groups around the country, and enjoys helping people learn about the wonderful legacy that Jugtown continues.Continue reading

Lisa Naples | Sculpture and Pottery | Episode 6

Lisa Naples

Lisa Naples makes pottery and narrative figures from her barn/studio in Doylestown, PA. She received her MFA from The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1988. In 2012 she was awarded the Jane and Leonard Korman Prize for Excellence in Contemporary Clay at the 36th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. In 2010 she was awarded the prestigious “Best of Philly” award in the category of “Gallery Artist”. Also in 2010 her work was featured in the publication “Masters Earthenware: Major Works from Leading Artists” which is a survey of 37 ceramic artists from North America and Europe.Continue reading

Lori Buff | Future Relics | Episode 5


Lori Buff is a potter from Atlanta, GA.  She creates unique functional and sculptural pottery.  Most of her art is created on the potter’s wheel but some pieces are later altered.  With sculptural pottery she uses different firing techniques such as horse hair raku, iron fumed, and naked raku.Continue reading

Ceramic Showcase Portland Oregon | Episode 4

Ceramic Showcase 2014

This past weekend I was able to attend the Ceramic Showcase at the Oregon Convention Center in the city of Portland. With mic in hand I walked through the exhibit hall and asked various people to talk with me. The artists were so accommodating and friendly. I even asked a few buyers to take a moment and talk about their experience. Below are the pictures of the artists I interviewed along with their work. I also provide links for you to see more of their work.Continue reading

Carole Epp | Musing About Mud | Episode 3

Carole Epp

Carole Epp is a Canadian ceramic artist living and working in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.Carole Epp Bowl She received her Masters Degree in Ceramics from the Australian National University in 2005 and has maintained a full time studio practice since.  Her ceramics branch off into two distinct bodies of work wherein she produces lines of sculptural and functional objects.
Continue reading

Tim Carlburg | Carlburg Pottery | Episode 2

Tim Carlburg

Largely a self-taught potter, Tim Carlburg holds a BS in K-12 Art Education.  He has built, owned and operateTims Studiod Carlburg Pottery (a Veteran Owned Business) since 2008 in Kalispell, MT.  Focusing his attention on the micro brewing industry for the past four years, Carlburg has sold growlers to micro breweries and bars around the world and has made countless one-of-a-kind growlers for home brewers and micro brew aficionados alike.  Recent endeavors include producing work oriented for local and national Distilleries; as well as the exploration of more politically charged artwork.Continue reading

Paul Blais | Episode 1

Green bowl w round red 2This is the first of the show notes for The Potters Cast. Because this is me, Paul Blais giving an introduction to the show, I thought I would take a moment and introduce myself here on the website also. I am a hobby potter that totally loves clay. I also love people and talking. I also am a podcaster for another show called Doubt The Doubts ( I’ve been wanting to serve the pottery/ceramic community for a log time with a podcast thatContinue reading