Ceramic Artist | Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk | Episode 91

Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk | Episode 91

Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk

Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk perpetua-porseline-vaas_kopie[1]Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk studied Graphic and Typographic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands (Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag).

After graduation Pepijn focused more on illustrating and painting. This was the beginning of Cirque dextraordinaire or what later became his alias and studio name Cirque de Pepin.

Pepijns circus, as a metaphor for a place where anything can happen.

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Saving the History of Potters | Debra Sloan | Episode 90

Debra  Sloan | Episode 90


Matthew Tyas_20_07_2014 _9Debra Sloan did a self-directed apprenticeship  from 1973-79. Later she attended Vancouver Art School 1979-82. Debra has taught, adjudicated, and presented at many symposiums, most recently in Romania.  Now she serves on arts Boards, is represented in 6 LARK publications, she exhibits nationally, internationally, attended 3 international residencies, and most recently at the Leach Pottery, UK. Debra works mainly as a figurative artist, but started as a potter.

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A Story to Tell | Jennica Kruse | Episode 89

Jennica Kruse | Episode 89

Jennica Kruse

Jennica Kruse ViewJennica Kruse is a ceramic artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received her BFA from the University of Minnesota and graduated Summa cum Laude in 2011. She also studied ceramics in Cortona, Italy in 2010. She is a Resident Artist at the Northern Clay Center where she teaches and works as the Materials Technician.

Jennica Kruse If houses could take selfies

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Inspired by a Dad | Ryan Archibald | Episode 88

Ryan Archibald | Episode 88

Ryan Archibald

Ryan Archibald DSC_1351Born and raised in Illinois, Ryan Archibald received his BFA from Southern Illinois University in 2013 and continued his ceramic education in Minnesota as the Northern Clay Center Anonymous Potter Studio Fellow.   Ryan now resides in Minneapolis where he maintains a studio, teaches beginner wheel-throwing classes, and works for a production pottery.



Here is the Piece Ryan's Dad made that in turn inspired Ryan's current work

Here is the Piece Ryan’s Dad made that in turn inspired Ryan’s current work

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Inspired by Nature | Kathy Pallie | Episode 87

Kathy Pallie | Episode 87

Kathy Pallie 1

Kathy Pallie wave[1]As a commercial artist, Kathy Pallie worked with many different materials creating 3-dimensional objects.  When Kathy retired, she put her hands into clay and has been exploring this exciting, tactile medium ever since.

Kathy’s artwork is inspired by Nature, by the unlimited variety of textures, patterns and energy she finds in her natural surroundings.Continue reading

A My-Way Approach | Ginny Sims | Episode 86

Ginny Sims | Episode 86

Ginny Sims

Ginny Sims G4[1]Ginny Sims is interested in objects and the surrounding sensations in a home that trigger memory and emotion. Exploring homes and observing family patterns has been a fascination of Ginny since childhood. She finds a lot of inspiration for the work that she makes in the relationships between objects and their owners, and the somewhat overlooked power of the presence of certain objects and how they made their way into our lives.  Ginny creates objects that echo a sense of history and thoughtfulness, but also that of loss and abandonment.

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Going Thin- Translucent Thin | John Shirley | Episode 85

John Shirley | Episode 85

John Shirley
John Shirley 10John Shirley works in bone-china. Most of John’s work is decorated with soluble salts which have a tendency to permeate the surface of the work adding subtle watercolor effects and creating an ethereal quality. John is a fellow of Ceramics Southern Africa and a member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

John Shirley 6

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Production Pottery | Brett Binford & Chris Lyon | Episode 83

Brett Binford & Chris Lyon | Episode 83

Brett Binford & Chris Lyon

Brett Binford & Chris Lyon MudShark 2Brett Binford and Chris Lyon met while working in a studio in Colorado. They stayed friends over the years and eventually started a major production studio called MudShark Studio. Their company makes ceramics for large companies and individual artists. MudShark Studio is located in Portland Oregon.Continue reading

For the Love of James | David Schlapobersky & Felicity Potter | Episode 82

David Schlapobersky & Felicity Potter | Episode 82

David and Felicity

David Schlapobersky & Felicity PotterDavid Schlapobersky and Felicity Potter, – studio potters in high temperature, reduction fired stoneware and porcelain – a working partnership since 1973.

They live and work in Swellendam, a small rural town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa where they have the heritage house “Bukkenburg”.

Their work is mostly wheel thrown with some slab work and is hand made using their own blends and mixes of clay, glazes, slips and oxides.

David and Felicity porcelain mugs. reduction fired to cone 12

Their output is diverse and prolific, producing a range of work from tableware and decorative pieces to pots of monumental size, garden and indoor containers, decorative urns, washbasins, water features and wine jars etc..

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