Will Donovan |Donovan Pottery Designs | Episode 20

Will Donovan

Will Donovan Shallow BowlWill Donovan is living in Greenville SC, a recent grad from North Greenville University with a studio art major in sculpture and ceramics. Will creates functional work that is intended for every day use by ordinary people. The intention behind his work is to draw a parallel between the one function that brings fulfillment regarding both humans and pots; Serving.

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James DeRosso | Monster8All | Episode 19

James DeRosso

James Derosso Crashing The Tea PartyIt all started in Jr. High art class in The Dalles, Oregon. Ms. Orr introduced James DeRosso to clay and it’s been a part of his life ever since. James received his college degree in Graphic Design, but had spent a great deal of his art electives in the ceramic studio. After college, James started working in advertising, but ceramics is what he would be doing at night on his own time. A ceramics James DeRosso Salter
commission job forced James to step away from his advertising job and start up a professional ceramic studio.

The specific niche of creating monsters all began when James would make small guardian creatures that he placed on top of the kiln to ward off bad results during firings. Friends wanted those creatures more than what were coming out of the kiln. James is enjoying the whole monster making niche and the kind of people that are attracted to it. James has now been making and teaching ceramics for over 20 years.

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Jennifer Creighton | Function By Jennifer Creighton |Episode 18

Jennifer Creighton

Jennifer Creighton CupsJennifer discovered ceramics while in college, and has pursued it via an apprenticeship with her former professor after graduation from Defiance College in 2009. Since her apprenticeship ended, she has continued to work as part of a group at Four Corners Studio, Gallery and Pottery in Angola, Indiana. Her focus is on functional work with clean lines, Jennifer Creighton Creamer and Cupsbeautiful proportions and eye-catching glazes. She believes that attention to detail and form is the key to producing functional ceramic pieces that are not only beautiful, but work

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Brian R Jones | Brian R Jonescast | Episode 17

Brian R Jones

Brian R Jones VasesBrian R. Jones grew up in Syracuse, NY and is now an artist living and working in Portland, OR. He has been a resident artist at Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in Newcastle, ME and The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA. He has earned degrees from The New York Brian R Jones VaseState College of Ceramics (BFA) and Southern Methodist University (MFA). He was a presenter at the Utilitarian Clay VI: Celebrate the Object at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in September 2012. In 2013, Jones was selected as an Emerging Artist by the National Council on the Education in the Ceramic Arts.Continue reading

Linsey Reardon and Austen Sewell | The High School Show | Episode 16

When asked when and where a person fell in love with pottery, many potters point back to a class in high school. So I thought it would be fun to go back to the roots and interview some potters that were still in that early stage of life and clay. I gathered together a couple high school students to talk about their love of clay.

Lindsey Reardon

Lindsey Reardon is a recent high school graduate that loves clay. Her dream is to become a doctor and keep her love as clay as a lifelong hobby.

Austen Sewell

Austen Sewell is a recent high school graduate that loves clay. His plan is to go to college and major in art and clay.

Lindsey Reardon Plate

A plate by Lindsey

A Bowl by Austen

A Bowl by Austen

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Shino Takeda | Shino Takeda Ceramics | Episode 15

Shino Takeda

Shino Takeda Bowl 2Shino Takeda grew up on Kyushu island in southern Japan.  Kyushu has a rich history of ceramics and arts.  Shino’s mother admired and collected both. When Shino was a child her family would travel all around Japan to look at different art shows and visit ceramic artists studios.  Shino’s work is an appropriation of those more traditional Japanese art forms mixed with all the freshness of today’s New York City

Shino Takeda BowlAll Shino’s work is hand-build and one of a kind that is searching for perfect imperfection, tracing memories, and making a story that  connects the old to the new.Continue reading

Justin Rothshank | Rothshank Artworks | Episode 14

Justin Rothshank

Justin Rothshank on his plate!

Justin Rothshank PitcherJustin Rothshank is a studio ceramic artist working in Goshen, Indiana. His ceramic work has been exhibited and published internationally, including articles in Ceramics Monthly, American Craft, Studio Potter, The Log Book, and Neue Keramik. He has been a presenter, panelist, visiting artist, and artist-in-residence at numerous universities, schools, conferences, and art centers throughout the United States and abroad. Justin was presented with an Award of Excellence by the American Craft Council in February 2009.

This is part of his $10,000 set.

This is part of his $10,000 set.

In 2007 he was recognized by Ceramics Monthly Magazine as an Emerging Artist. He has also been awarded an Alcoa Foundation Leadership Grant for Arts Managers, a 2007 Work of Art Award from Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, the 2005 Decade of Servant Leadership Award from Goshen College, and was named to Pittsburgh Magazine’s 40 under 40 in 2005.Continue reading

Michelle Katz | Desert Dragon Pottery | Episode 13

Michelle Katz

Michelle Katz Vase

Michelle “Mishy” Katz began working in clay in 1979 and currently co-owns Desert Dragon Pottery, the largest pottery school in Phoenix Arizona. She teaches many beginning students of all ages skills on the pottery wheel and hand-building, along with many various techniques in glazing.  Her studio also offers space for accomplished clay artists to create original work.  It has become quite an interesting eclectic community of studio members.Continue reading

Joel Cherrico | Cherrico Pottery | Episode 12

Joel Cherrico

Joel Cherrico MugJoel Cherrico is a 26 year old potter living in St. Joseph, Minnesota. He graduated from the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University in 2010, and immediately launched a small business after graduation. For the past 4 years, he has lived in the town of his alma matter, making a living as a full-time potter.Continue reading

Paul Blais | Grow | Episode 11


Photo Credit: bloomgal via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: bloomgal via Compfight cc

Today’s show is all about growing your pottery business.

Key Idea

Get in front of the money.

Traditional Approach

The traditional approach to a pottery business has been weekend sales at your local farmer’s markets or craft fairs. You may have even had the option of doing your own studio sales. If you were diligent you could get your stuff on the shelves of local retail stores. Then, if your work was good enough, there was the option of getting into galleries. All of these, and few more, are still options today, but they are also very limited in their reach. You can only reach the people Continue reading