Paul Blais | Episode 1

Green bowl w round red 2This is the first of the show notes for The Potters Cast. Because this is me, Paul Blais giving an introduction to the show, I thought I would take a moment and introduce myself here on the website also. I am a hobby potter that totally loves clay. I also love people and talking. I also am a podcaster for another show called Doubt The Doubts ( I’ve been wanting to serve the pottery/ceramic community for a log time with a podcast that was totally dedicated to them. This is show is it.

Here are a few examples of my work.


nesting bowls Close up

Sipping Cup

Bowl on Fire


All of my work is currently fired to cone 6. I am not a glaze technician, but I do plan on growing in this area. Currently I use commercially available glazes for my work. My main work station is my Brent wheel. I love the strength and reliability of this wheel. Here’s a shot of me in my studio.

Me at work

So that’s me in a nutshell. For more information about me or the podcast, check out the about page.┬áIf you would like to read more about my journey as a cancer patient, then check out my personal blog.

Lots of love to you.

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  • Nice to discover your podcast! I guess I’m a late arrival but current listener!

    • Paul Blais

      Michael, thanks for the comment and I am really happy to hear you like the show. I would say at this point in the game, you are not even close to being a late arriver (I don’t think that is a real word, but I’m going to use it anyway). The show is exactly three weeks old. Welcome to the club!

  • Troy Bungart

    Going to spend my spare time over the next couple of weeks catching up. I love the idea.

  • Laura Howard

    Paul this is such a beautiful episode. You have a big heart!