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Carole Epp

Carole Epp is a Canadian ceramic artist living and working in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.Carole Epp Bowl She received her Masters Degree in Ceramics from the Australian National University in 2005 and has maintained a full time studio practice since.  Her ceramics branch off into two distinct bodies of work wherein she produces lines of sculptural and functional objects.

Due to a desire to expose her own demons as well as to investigate the social and political dis-function of contemporary society, Carole Epp creates figurative sculpture that presents humanity through a subversion of our utopic projections of ourselves. Her work pairs religious iconography with news headlines, pop cultureCarole Epp Plate with nostalgic kitsch, all through the subversion of the traditional genre of the collectible figurine.

Her line of functional work explores narrative and whimsy. Inspired by the chaos, the noise, the blur, the wonder, and the creativity of life with two small boys at home. She started making dishes for her first son as an aside to the functional pottery she was already making and now years later it plays a huge part of her studio practice. The dishes illustrate storybook images that can insight smiles and memories for young and old alike.

Her work has been exhibited throughoutCarole Epp Tray Canada; in Australia, Scotland and the United States. Her artwork and writing has also been published in the past few years in magazine publications, websites and books. She is editor of Musing About Mud an online blog that showcases information, calls for entry, exhibitions and artist profiles related to the ceramic arts.

What do you do to keep yourself inspired?

Carole Epp Figurative 1Social media. Because I am on line, I am surrounded by this amazing community that is constantly pumping out new, fresh work. Social media has changed how quickly we see trends and how we access to artists.Carole Epp Figurative 2

Whose shoulders are you standing on?

I don’t know how to answer that question. I feel like I am standing at the back of the crowd, jumping up to see over somebody’s shoulders.

What are your go-tools that you use in your studio?

Carole Epp Figurative 3My molds. My old vintage molds. I have this crazy collection of these huge molds. Without the molds I couldn’t do the work that I am doing.

Contact info

Twitter: @CaroleEpp

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