Doing Things They Say You Can’t Do | Emily Free Wilson | Episode 227

Emily Free Wilson | Episode 227Emily Free Wilson

Emily Free Wilson VaseEmily Free Wilson is a ceramic artist and entrepreneur in Helena, Montana. She runs her pottery business Free Ceramics and the Studio Art Center, with her husband Matt Wilson. In 2014, Emily and Matt purchased an old funeral home and have converted into an art center. Emily recently retired from 10 years as the gallery director at the Archie Bray Foundation.

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Living the Experiment | Rachel Donner | Episode 226

Rachel Donner | Episode 226

Rachel Donner

Rachel Donner tumbler-setRachel Donner is a full time potter living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She grew surrounded by art and history in the small town of Taos, NM. Rachel studied ceramics at the University of Northern Colorado and went on to do a few residencies and assistantships before settling back in New Mexico, for the time being.

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Periscope for Potters | Neil Celani | Episode 225

Neil Celani | Episode 225

Neil Celani

Neil Celani White Salt Cubby CanisterNeil Celani makes functional pottery and does most of his firing in a soda kiln that Neil built. Neil is influenced by the psychedelia found in nature. He loves music and dancing and doesn’t let algorithms choose what he listens to. Oh, and fire rules.

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Bringing A Message to Your Work | Jessica Putnam-Phillips | Episode 224

Jessica Putnam-Phillips | Episode 224

Jessica Putnam-Phillips

Jessica Putnam-Phillips VioletJessica Putnam-Phillips is a ceramic artist, USAF Veteran, illustrator and activist. She received her MFA from the Art Institute of Boston and her BA from UNC-Wilmington. She was a resident artist at SCAC and recently attended residencies at Haystack and AIR Vallauris. She currently teaches ceramics at CCV and VAE.

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The Value of the Apprenticeship | Clary Illian | Episode 223

Clary Illian | Episode 223

Clary Illian YunomiClary Illian is a true treasure for the clay community around the world. Her book, A Potter’s Workbook, has been played an important role in the development of potters’ skill and understanding of clay and making. An award winning documentay, A Year in the Life, focused on her work and principles. PBS also featured her work in Craft in America. Having studied as an apprentice in Bernard Leach’s St. Ives Studio, Clary eventually made her way back to the United States and set up a studio in Ely, Iowa. For over half a century Clay has worked in earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain with the idea of making pottery for ordinary people at affordable prices.


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Scientist to Ceramicist | Anna Mulders | Episode 222

Anna Mulders | Episode 222

Anna Mulders

Anna Mulders Tea SetAnna Mulders studied and worked in science while taking evening classes in art, including over ten years of sculpture and five years of ceramic courses. Since the end of 2013 Anna’s focus has moved from science to art. One of Anna’s favorites are coffee cups with rich colors and random effect due to glaze dripping or irregular firing.

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The Potter & The Actor | Peter Sheldon & Ellen Woglom | Episode 221

Peter Sheldon & Ellen Woglom | Episode 221

Peter Sheldon & Ellen Woglom

Peter Sheldon & Ellen Woglom 11Sheldon Ceramics is located in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. Sheldon Ceramics is owned and operated by ceramic artist, Peter Sheldon, and all around awesome fiancé and business partner, Ellen Woglom. Together, Peter and Ellen create beautiful, one-of-a-kind, functional wares and accents for the home. Each piece is crafted by Peter to embrace the unique variations and personality of the materials. Peter and Ellen hope to provide something that will be used and enjoyed for years to come. Whether shared around a dinner table with friends and family, or displaying fresh-cut flowers, their pieces are designed to enhance the home.

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Geekin’ Out On Instagram | Tom Kemp | Episode 220

Tom Kemp | Episode 220

Tom Kemp

imageTom Kemp is relatively new to pottery. Tom has spent the past four years as a part-time self-learning with a few courses thrown in. For many years Tom studied lettering and formal writing which translated into an abstract painting technique which Tom now applies to his pots. Tom also trained as a computer scientist.

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Mastering The Potters Wheel | Ben Carter | Episode 219

Ben Carter | Episode 219

Ben Carter 3

Ben Carter 3 Book CoverBen Carter returns for a third appearance on The Potters Cast. This time he talks about his new book, Mastering The Potter’s Wheel. That isn’t all that we talk about, but it is a big piece of the action. So Enjoy today’s episode with Ben Carter.

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Playing with Sharks | Patrick Gibson | Episode 218

Patrick Gibson | Episode 218

Patrick Gibson

Patrick Gibson Two MugsPatrick Gibson focus is on creating ceramics to enhance people’s everyday rituals. Eating meals together, drinking a cup of tea, or even grabbing that morning cup of coffee, can be transformed from something ordinary into a meaningful experience through the use of beautiful and thoughtfully designed vessels. Patrick enjoys clean lines and utilizes surface design that favors spontaneity over more laborious techniques. Patrick glazes impart an ethereal buoyancy and calming serenity to the pots.

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