Logos, Branding, & Business | Erin & Jason Hall | Episode 397

Erin & Jason Hall | Episode 397

Erin and Jason Hall, owners of Alberta Pottery (Greenville, SC), are full-time artists creating studio pottery and sculptural ceramics. Jason earned his BFA from Clemson University; Erin a BA from Stetson University and MFA from Clemson. They work in stoneware, fire gas reduction, and exhibit nationally at juried shows.

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Judge From The Great Pottery Throw Down Talks Clay | Kate Malone | Episode 396

Kate Malone | Episode 396

British potter, Kate Malone is studio potter, ceramic artist, and judge. Kate is known for large sculptural vessels and for being a judge on the popular BBC2’s The Great Pottery Throw Down. Her work richly glazed with bright colors. After leaving the Royal College of Art, Kate began working in the South Bank Craft Centre. On display in a number of public locations, Kate’s work is also highly sought after for private collections.

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The Emerging Studio Culture in India | Shilpy Gupta | Episode 395

Shilpy Gupta | Episode 395

Shilpy Gupta  was born with an artistic bend of mind. Early childhood saw her putting her thoughts on canvas. During her stay in the U.S, she came across a Pottery exhibition and enrolled herself for a class. From then on, she has never looked back. Shilpy has developed a fully equipped Pottery Studio in her house, and has been creating beautiful art pieces for the last 15 years.

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Finding a New Voice | Eric Beavers | Episode 394

Eric Beavers | Episode 394

Eric Beavers lives in Nesbit, MS but was born and raised in Northwest, NM. The culture and scenery of the American Southwest has influenced the techniques and colors of the functional pottery he makes. Eric graduated from the University of Mississippi and now works full time as an art instructor.

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Kiln to Kitchen | Paul Blais, Brett Binford, Tim Kowalczyk | Episode 393

Paul Blais, Bret Binford, Tim Kowalczyk | Episode 393

Introducing Kiln to Kitchen. Kiln to Kitchen is about connecting potters with chefs. With the farm to table movement that is growing in its impact and importance in the food industry, there is another ingredient that needs to be addressed… the plates that the food is served on. The vast majority of restaurants are using mass produced table settings with a complete absence of the maker’s hands.

Kiln to Kitchen is going to help to close that gap and shine a light on this issue by connecting potters with chefs which will give the chef’s handmade food a handmade table settings.

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Etsy From An Insider’s Perspective | Any Guelmann | Episode 392

Any Guelmann | Episode 392

Any Grulmann is a potter who moved from Brazil to Brooklyn to Seattle. For Any architecture was first, photography next, metal and clay forever. Any aims to produce work that’s devoid of purpose. If Any’s art can be used as a tool for social and political change, she says that she will have failed.

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How to Make a Push to Grow | Meredith Host | Episode 391

Meredith Host | Episode 391

Meredith Host was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She received her BFA in Ceramics from Kansas City Art Institute in 2001 and her MFA in Ceramics from The Ohio State University in 2008. She was named one of the 2011 Emerging Artists for NCECA and Ceramics Monthly, and in 2016 was a Presenter at the Utilitarian Clay Symposium. Currently, Meredith is a full time studio potter who teaches workshops around the country and is a founding member of the Kansas City Urban Potters.

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How to Attend NCECA | Cindy Bracker | Episode 390

Cindy Bracker | Episode 390

Cindy Bracker is the Communications Director for NCECA and the former Director at Large for NCECA. Cindy is also helping to run the family business of Brackers Good Earth Clays which is a local ceramic supply house in Lawrence Kansas. And, as the picture above indicates, Cindy is also a competitive cyclist. For today’s episode of The Potters Cast Cindy is talking through great tips on how to attend NCECA.

Cindy’s Plate

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The Value of Relationships | Tim Sherman | 389

Tim Sherman | 389

Tim Sherman is a potter making functional, utilitarian pottery on an electric potters wheel. Sherman glazes and single fires all of his work in a large wood-burning anagama style kiln at his home in Frederick, Md. He makes everything from tableware: cups, mugs, bowls, plates, pitchers to decorative vases, jugs, and large scale jars. Although Sherman has control over the form and glaze he applies on his pieces, much of the final outcome is left to the mercy of the kiln. Over three days, layers of ash land of the pieces and eventually get hot enough to melt into an additional glaze. Though many of the forms are similar, no two pieces will ever be the same. Evidence of flame pattering and firing length is a huge part of the aesthetic in his work. Each piece tells a story of where and how it was packed into the kiln as the fire leaves markings on their surfaces as it fights to exit the chimney of the kiln.

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A Beautiful Life in Clay | Greg Daly | Episode 388

Greg Daly | Episode 388

Greg Daly lives in Australia. His career spans over 40 years. He is a thrower at heart and has a passion for the glazed surface. His current focus is lustre glazes, which give a unique surface and wide spectrum of colours that evokes the vivid hues and atmospheric qualities seen in the Australian landscape. Greg is nearing his 100th solo exhibition, has written three books on glazing and lustre and his work has been acquired by over 80 public collections throughout Australia and 15 other countries.

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