Courage to be a Creator and to Sell | Olivia Walker | Episode 377

Olivia Walker | Episode 377

Olivia Walker originally studied English Literature and History in Edinburgh, but after graduating she took a summer job in a craft gallery and fell in love with the ceramics she was selling. This led Olivia on a ten year journey in which she went to Japan and lived with a potter, completed an MA in ceramics, and completed a year long part-time apprenticeship with Julian Stair. Olivia is now working as a ceramicist and mainly based in Barcelona, but with another studio in Devon, England, which is waiting for her to return to it.

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A Unique Style | Larissa Warren | Episode 376

Larissa Warren | Episode 376

Australian ceramist Larissa Warren has her own unique approach to clay. With a passion for traditional Japanese neriage techniques, Larissa creates some engaging surfaces. Working with translucent porcelain, she utilises plaster moulds and incredibly thin slip casting techniques and combines a variety of coloured clays and rocks, such as trachyte, with elaborate mixed clay pattern blocks.

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Working to be a Professor | Coleton Lunt | Episode 375

Coleton Lunt | Episode 375

Coleton Lunt makes functional pottery and sculptural vessels. He fires his work in atmospheric kilns, utilizing the spontaneous nature of flame to decorate the surface of his work. He is equally passionate about teaching and loves sharing ideas and inspiration.

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Finding a Theme | Samantha McInnis | Episode 374

Samantha McInnis | Episode 374

Samantha McInnis is a native Floridian potter who spends her days creating ocean inspired ceramic art. Her primary source of inspiration is Florida’s eastern coastline. Her art is characterized by coastal colors, flowing shapes and fine craftsmanship. After passing her portfolio review, Samantha was approved for her Bachelor of Fine Art concentrating in Ceramics from Florida Atlantic University. She graduated in 2011 upon completion of the student installation exhibition, Gamut. Samantha has since been evolving her craft as well as her company The Clay Cache. For the last three years, she has been participating in art shows throughout the east coast. She has shown her work in places such as the West Palm Beach Bridal Expo, Coral Gables Mad Hatter Festival and the Deerfield Beach Festival of the Arts. Some weekends she is set up at a monthly art walk in Fort Lauderdale and others she can be found at larger events such as the Dania Beach Arts & Seafood Festival. When she is not busy with shows she can be found in her Pompano beach studio inside Bailey Contemporary Art Center working on new ideas. Besides pop up shops, Samantha sells her work online through Etsy and Amazon Handmade. The Clay Cache can also be found in a few exclusive Florida boutique stores. Samantha’s work is meant to serve as beautiful reminders to respect the natural world around us.

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The ALL Right Potter | Ross Estep | Episode 373

Ross Estep | Episode 373

Ross Estep is 22 years old. Ross was born without his left arm from the elbow down, but that has never stopped Ross from chasing down his dreams. Ross has always been determined to try everything, including pottery! Now Ross is hooked on clay and there’s no looking back.

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The Power of Periscope | Victoria Pamlenyi | Episode 372

Victoria Pamlenyi | Episode 372

Victoria Pamlenyi is a master sculptor, pyromaniac, and glaze alchemist. Victoria brings rehydrated dust of mountains to new life by shaping unique retrofuturistic creatures and fanged pots in her laboratory for inter-silicate research. Victoria is a fearless explorer, centrifugal sculptor, and is always ready to expertly share her supreme knowledge of everything clay with students and colleagues alike.

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Collaboration to Have a Store Front | Deidra Krois | Episode 371

Deidra Krois | Episode 371

A mother, wife, artist, and wanderer, Deidra Krois is making and loving life in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. Mostly a self taught potter, she currently creates in her strawbale home studio at 8800′. Her artistic voice grew out of the mantra: Make Art. Live Simply. Be Happy. Dream Big. She makes functional and decorative ceramics that display hand stamped and decal words, quotes, poetry and images meant to create connections and inspire happiness. Her work is influenced by a love of words and her mountain lifestyle. She launched her ceramics business, Wishing Star Pottery in 2013 with a local farmer’s market booth. In 2017 she opened the Mountain Girl Gallery in historic downtown Ridgway, Colorado where she shows her work with 3 other talented women. She strives to inspire the world one pot at a time.

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An Experimental Ceramicist | Sean Roberts | Episode 370

Sean Roberts | Episode 370

With a background in chemistry and four years of work experience in science labs, Sean Roberts brings an experimental mindset to his artistic process.  Sean’s work is constantly changing as he develops new tools in his experimentation in the studio.  Sean is deeply fascinated by the underlying randomness in the patterns and structures of nature. Sean’s primary current work is the product of 4 years of experimentation with marbling colored slips.  Colored liquid clays are mixed and poured to create the vast array of patterns.

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Sales & Shows | Adam & Sarah Spector | Episode 369

Adam & Sarah Spector | Episode 369

Adam and Sarah Spector met covered in clay while completing BFA degrees in Ceramics at Alfred University. As a couple they have built both a studio and a life together in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Over the course of their careers, they’ve learned to share the work load and explore many different making-processes through their love of clay. Adam and Sarah have been full time ceramic artists since 2002 and have participated in 20 juried art shows each year as well as working with galleries to sell their pottery and sculpture.

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Using Your Story | Melanie Sherman | Episode 368

Melanie Sherman | Episode 368

Melanie Sherman currently resides and works in Kansas City, Missouri. She has a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. She completed various residencies, recently at the Archie Bray Foundation and Anderson Ranch. She was awarded the 2014 Regina Brown Undergraduate Fellowship (NCECA) and the 2014 Windgate Fellowship Award.

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