maggie-mae-beyeler-1Making & Firing Laser-Toner Decals
By Maggie Mae Beyeler

Traditionally, ceramic decals have been thought of as low-fire, mostly color images, that have been silk-screened onto decal paper using china paint. More recently developed laser-toner decals on the other hand, are more versatile; they can be used at any firing temperature- and at any stage of the ceramic process- and do not require any special knowledge or experience with silk-screening. This versatility allows the artist to make decals using their own images without the cost of having them commercially produced.

What You Get

Unlimited access to the book to be read on The Potters Cast site
Access to download the book to your own device
Instructions to:
   How to Make Laser-Toner Decals
   How to Porperly Apply Decals to Your Work
   Firing Practices for Decals
   Designing with Decals
   And Much More...

CoverPhotoSteven Hill is a living icon in the ceramic world. His passion for ceramics comes across so beautifully teaching video. In this video you will learn about:
~Flat Black Spray Paint
~ Pouring
~Applying Multiple Glazes
~Spraying and Selecting Glazes
And much more.
Plus you'll see Steven Hill demonstrate his techniques of spraying glazes on various pieces of pottery. Steven will explain the importance of firing in a reduction atmosphere and  value of experimentation. This video will help bring your surface technique to the next level.


What You Get

Unlimited access to the video to be played on The Potters Cast site
Access to download the video to your own device
Downloadable files of
   Firing Schedules
   Glaze Recipes of Steven Hill
   Glaze Spraying Equipment

Tim Turner Cover PhotoJoin Tom Turner in the first of a two part series as he walks you through preparing, throwing, and decorating porcelain. Tom shares over 50 years of experience in clay, passing on insight and tips that will help you grow as a Porcelain Artist.

Tom Turner talks about:

~Making Lids

You will love this intimate exploration of Tom's approach to throwing and decorating porcelain.