Ann Van Hoey | Ann Van Hoey Ceramics | Episode 34

Ann Van Hoey

Ann Van Hoey 1Ann Van Hoey was born in 1956 in Belgium, where she lives and works. Many times awarded in international competitions, her work is exhibited in major galleries and her pieces are in the collections of international museums. Her works, of great simplicity and elegance, are extremely impressive in their perfection, their fragility and their featherweight appearance.Continue reading

Joe Ottaway | Oxide Clay Art | Episode 33

Joe Ottaway

Joe Ottaway Tall VaseJoe Ottaway has been a full time Ceramics Teacher in Tertiary Education in Australia and a practising potter for over 30 years. During this time he has shown in numerous exhibitions and his ceramics work is represented in private and public collections in Australia. Last year he set up a private Pottery School in Brisbane called Oxide Clay Art.Continue reading

Susan Simonini | Susan Simonini Ceramics | Episode 32

Susan Simonini

Susan Simonini is an Australian artist currently working in the medium of clay. Susan has a background in painting and printmaking, with a degree in Fine Art. She uses varied techniques to create a range of both functional and decorative ceramics. When not in her studio you can find Susan down the beach riding her skateboard!Continue reading

John Neely | Utah State University | Episode 31

John Neeley

John Neely Tea Bowl 4

John Neely is the Professor of Ceramics at Utah State University and is an accomplished ceramicist having presented his work in over 100 domestic group exhibitions as well as solo and international exhibitions which include China, Korea, Australia, Japan, New Zealand,  and Yugoslavia. John has John Neely Tea Pot 3lectured and conducted in workshops at the International Woodfire Conference in Flagstaff, AZ; Functional Ceramics Workshop in Wooster, OH; Utilitarian Clay Conference in Arrowmont, TN; Mendocino Arts Center in Mendocino, CA, and the Experimental Porcelain Workshop in Jingdezhen, China.

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Julia Paul | Julia Paul Pottery | Episode 30

Julia Paul

Julia Paul Mug without handleLocated in the mountains of Virginia, Julia Paul’s is influenced by the local landscape, which is filled with fields and forest. From tableware to one-of-a-kind modern decor, each piece is elegant and well designed, but never fussy. The forms and glazing refer to natural features and phenomenon — including Julia Paul Print Plateforest, fog, and mountains — but are always dictated by quality and function. This produces modern, lasting designs that are Continue reading

Gina Feddersen | Isola Bella | Episode 29

Gina Feddersen

Gina Feddersen Urchins DryingGina Feddersen lives and creates from her home studio in the Virgin Islands, exploring and gathering inspiration from her natural surroundings and inner-spirit.  In 2008, Gina created isola bella showcasing her jewelry and textile designs. Her products have been featured in publications such as HAMPTONS magazine and COASTAL LIVING. When she is not designing she enjoys lazy Sunday afternoons on her boat exploring Virgin Island beaches with her husband and son.Continue reading

Kim Murton | Kim Murton Ceramics | Episode 28

Kim Murton studio photo

Kim Murton PlateKim Murton is a long time potter. Kim majored in ceramics in college then worked in animation for ten years in New York City where she was cutting, pasting, cel painting, inbetweening, and assisting. She now spends her time between drawing on the computer and working in her clay studio. She returned to working with clay after moving to Vancouver, Washington and now produces wonderful works that combine her playful sense of humor with her great design and color sensibility.
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Adam Field | Adam Field Pottery | Episode 27

Adam Field

Adam Field BottlesBorn and raised in Colorado, Adam earned his BA in Art from Fort Lewis College. For two years he immersed himself in the culturally rich art scene of the San Francisco bay area, where he began his full time studio practice. From there, he relocated to Maui, where he established a thriving studio business. He spent most of 2008 in Icheon, South Korea, studying traditional Korean pottery making techniques under 6th generation Onggi master Kim Il Mahn. In 2013 he created and debuted HIDE-N-SEEKAH at the NCECA conference in Houston, TX. After maintaining his studio in Durango, CO for 5 years, Adam recently moved to Adam Field Lidded JarHelena, MT where he is currently a long-term artist in residence at The Archie Bray Foundation. His works are included in private collections and kitchen cabinets internationally. 
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Chris Snedden | Chris Snedden Pottery |Episode 26

Chris Snedden

Chris Snedden Commission PlateChris has been potting for about 30 years in London, Ontario, Canada. Chris works out of the London Clay Art Centre, teaches at Lambton College in Sarnia, and serves as Vice President and Director of Education and Programming for Fusion, The Ontario Clay and Glass Association. While he has a long history of creating functional pottery, for the last decade he has been primarily concerned with the use of imagery on his work using the slip transfer process.
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