Going Full Time and What It Takes | Tim Kowalczyck | Episode 398

Tim Kowalczyck | Episode 398

Tim Kowalcyck makes another appearance on The Potters Cast. Tim’s last guest appearance was way back in October of 2016 in episode 254. Back then Tim was working multiple jobs and making his “cardboard” cups as a side hustle. Now Tim is full time as a maker of his ceramic creations. In this episode Tim talks about what it took for him to make the transition.

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Kiln to Kitchen | Paul Blais, Brett Binford, Tim Kowalczyk | Episode 393

Paul Blais, Bret Binford, Tim Kowalczyk | Episode 393

Introducing Kiln to Kitchen. Kiln to Kitchen is about connecting potters with chefs. With the farm to table movement that is growing in its impact and importance in the food industry, there is another ingredient that needs to be addressed… the plates that the food is served on. The vast majority of restaurants are using mass produced table settings with a complete absence of the maker’s hands.

Kiln to Kitchen is going to help to close that gap and shine a light on this issue by connecting potters with chefs which will give the chef’s handmade food a handmade table settings.

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A Family Fit | Tim Kowalczyk | Episode 254

Tim Kowalczyk | Episode 254


tim-kowalczyk-3Tim Kowalczyk did his undergrad at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and majored in Art Education and Ceramics, with a minor Art History. Tim took a year off before attending Illinois State University for Tim’s MFA in Ceramics. In 2011 Tim graduated and moved to a small town 30 minutes north of Normal called Minonk, which is where Tim lives and works.

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