Making a Glassy Foot | Paul Ide | Episode 312

Paul Ide | Episode 312

Paul Ide is a diverse and accomplished artist who has exhibited his work throughout the United States. He received his undergraduate degree in Art from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2002. A potter, illustrator and muralist, he creates works that respond to the ever-changing seasons of his life. Having been greatly influenced early in life by the Hip Hop culture, his work, regardless the medium used, reveals this influence allowing him to visually communicate his ideas in a way that is deeply and personally rooted. Paul works at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota as the Center for Creativity Ceramic Studio Technician, and Social Outreach Coordinator.

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The Jonescast is Casting Again | Brian R Jones | Episode 311

Brian R Jones | Episode 311

After a couple years of taking a break, Brian Jones is at it again with his groundbreaking podcast, The Jonescast. Brian was the first “real” podcast on the subject of ceramics and helped to pave the way for others like Ben Carter of Tales of the Red Clay Rambler and myself. So I am really excited to see Brian’s show relaunching. So we grabbed the mics and had a talk and got caught up.

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Lunch With Sculptors | Francoise LeClerc & Michelle Gregor | Episode 310

Francoise LeClerc & Michelle Gregor | Episode 310

Michelle Gregor (Left) & Francoise LeClerc (Right)

I had the privilege of of having lunch with Michelle Gregor and Francoise LeClerc at the historic Huber’s restaurant in downtown Portland, OR during NCECA 2017. It was such a delight spending time with them. The fun thing about this interview is that it took place during our lunch. So there is a lot of background noise and the sound of eating. But more importantly, there was a lot of deep discussion about the the life of artists.

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Chillin’ with Justin | Justin Reese | Episode 309

Justin Reese | Episode 309

Justin Reese is a studio potter working out of his hometown of Youngstown, OH. Justin lives with his wife Bailey, daughter Mika, his dog Kuma, and the family’s three cats. Justin has a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design, and this is where Justin’s journey with pottery began. After three years focusing on traditional oil paint techniques, Justin developed a love for clay during his final year. Justin works primarily with porcelain, and his favorite form is the lidded jar. Justin is devoted to help create a culture full of creativity in Youngstown, and he also wish to reach out and educate others through social media.

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Remembering | Robin Hopper | Episode 308

Robin Hopper | Episode 308

Robin Hopper passed away this past Thursday, April 6th, 2017. I had the privilege of interviewing him a little over a year ago. This is a replay of that episode without all the music and ads. The episode was titled, Die As An Individual. If you would like to read the Final Post written by his family, then please click HERE. If you would like to see the original show notes page for Robin Hopper, then click HERE.

From Professor to Proprietor | Brian Giniewski | Episode 307

Brian Giniewski | Episode 307

Brian Giniewski is a Philadelphia-based potter who works primarily with boutiques and design shops across the US and beyond. Over the last year Brian has been working full-time in the studio and thinking of his practice as a small business which feeds Brian’s artistic curiosity while meeting the demands of the market.

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A Good Look at Etsy | Karrita Renzelmann | Episode 306

Karrita Renzelmann | Episode 306

Karrita Renzelmann of Queen Bee Pottery fell in love with clay when her husband surprised her with a pottery wheel for her birthday in 2006. She began with introductory classes at the local college and couldn’t get enough of the intrinsic feeling of delight, focus, and comfort that came with placing her hands in clay and creating. It was in the garden that the love of nature and creativity were planted in her heart. This love of unifying the beauty of nature with the creation of functional and decorative pottery is the inspiration for Queen Bee Pottery. The ongoing growth of her relationship with clay is nurtured with excitement and curiosity about how the journey will evolve and change in her lifetime. Karrita continues to be amazed, inspired, and grateful for the connections that her pottery creates with customers worldwide.

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Some of His Process Explained | Steven Showalter | Episode 305

Steven Showalter | Episode 305

Steven Showalter is a Potter and High School Art Teacher in Minnesota. His current work is inspired by his wood-firing experiences. His desire to capture the unpredictability of wood-firing led him to work extensively with glaze development to create a rich palette of runny glazes that are inspired by his surroundings.

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Quick Convention Conversations | NCECA 2017 | Episode 304

NCECA 2017 | Episode 304

The star of today’s episode is NCECA! Portland, OR was the host this year for the annual conference. Thousands of clay people invaded the city from all over the world. I personally met people that traveled from Norway, Australia, Canada, and Brazil. And of course, lots of people from the US.

I walked around the conference and related areas and had conversations with lots of different people. The show notes for that follow will have pictures of the people’s work that I talked to, and links to their Instagram pages. They will be displayed in the order in which they appear in the episode. I think there is only one person that didn’t have any point of contact for me to track down.

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A Potter, An Entrepreneur | Jeff Rottman | Episode 303

Jeff Rottman | Episode 303

As a full time Studio Potter since 2003, Jeff Rottman has developed a community studio with 32 members and launched a pottery tool company which is reaching across the globe. Jeff’s entrance into being a studio potter started with a loss of a traditional job due to economic downturn. Jeff was energized by the cooking shows of the Food Network along with the melodies of Johnny Cash (Drive On).

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