Starting Out | Jordan Jones | Episode 217

Jordan Jones | Episode 217

Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones is a potter living in Freeland, WA who recently completed a 3-year apprenticeship with Robbie Lobell. She creates functional pottery in a home studio that she shares with her housemate Clovy Tsuchiya. Part-time, she glazes & fires kilns for Cook on Clay. Aside from clay, she enjoys animals and plants.


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What has been your most successful strategy for building your business so far?

I think the most successful thing is maybe being in the studio consistently and  making and striving for good thing

What has been your best strategy for getting the word out?

Getting yourself out there, honestly. It can be scary, but I think just taking the plunge and getting yourself out there has been really effective.

How does social media play into your overall strategy for growing your business?

Let’s see. what is my strategy for social media other than just posting cute pictures of my dog?I think posting frequently enough but also using hashtags that seem relevant so people can find you. I think that’s been good because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see other people’s work. I think a huge thing is being able to connect with people that you wouldn’t be able to.

How important has mentor-ship been for you as maker and a business person?

I think that has been really important. I do not think I would be where I am today without the mentor-ship I received. Seeking out a mentor that you feel comfortable with, that you can grow with, I think would be a great step for anybody beginning out.

If you could be a superhero, what super power would you want to have?

I think it would be talking with animals.

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