Hacks to Grow the Business | Eunbi Cho | Episode 297

Eunbi Cho | Episode 297

Eunbi Cho is a traditionalist with a contemporary approach. Eunbi’s (pronounced Un-Be) work celebrates the spirited and special space that exists between structure and fluidity, precision, and poetry. Throughout her work, Eunbi reflects upon user/object interaction with unique and playful intention.

Eunbi spent her early childhood in Korea before moving with her family to Waterloo,Belgium. In her new surroundings Eunbi discovered a renewed sense of  freedom and the importance of creativity and individuality. After studying Fiber art in Korea, Eunbi moved to Los Angeles in 2011.

Eunbi is committed to creating unexpected and thoughtfully designed objects that embody her life’s experience.





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How long have you been in ceramics?

I have had my studio for a year and a half but I started ceramics in elementary school.

Where do you get your courage to try new ventures?Like move, become an artist, start a studio?

My courage comes from my ignorance I think. I grew up in a pretty protective family and my mom was always so scared of me doing something stupid so she kind of overprotected me. I had never had to deal with a really horrendous things and I never had to take responsibility for anything so I didn’t know about those things. That made me brave enough to throw myself into it because I did not know what was waiting for me.

You have a unique style in your work. How do you describe your style?

So my purpose in my object is art made for play. So they normally have a function but they are not too serious. You can either play with them or they have a hidden function or they look really interesting. So that is what is imbedded in my work-made for play.

When you describe yourself to other people do you think of yourself as an artist or a craftsperson?

I don’t think I think of any of those categories because I don’t feel that I am an artist yet. But I also feel that I am  not a craftsperson. I feel more like I make . I am just a maker. I make things that add a little more fun in your life.

What is one thing about business that you absolutely love?

The only thing I like about the business is that I make my own money and all the money I make comes directly to my hands. I think that is the only thing I like about the business.

How do you divide up the administrative things for you to be able to run the studio?

I have been trying really hard to divide those things but I couldn’t because I couldn’t find a person who I feel really comfortable to handle my things well. I tried and I will continue to try but I am still doing everything by myself.

I make my list of what is important. So there are certain things that I have to do per day and the things I hate the most, I start my day with those because in the morning you are the most charged.

What is your best platform for getting your word out about your work?

One is my Instagram. It is really good to share with a random range of people. Second is this coffee bar that is located in downtown LA. They carry a lot of my work. I did a custom set of cups for their coffee and they are actually very good publicity for me. The third one is stores, because if stores buy my product wholesale and place it in their store they already have a good range of customers.

If you could live in a book, a tv show or a movie, what character would you want to be?

I want to be Ponyo. It is Japanese animation. It s a little half-human half-fish. It is a little girls adventure story.


Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino



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