From a Garage to a Barn… A Potter’s Story | Ulrika Weijmer | Episode 319

Ulrika Weijmer | Episode 319

Ulrika Weijmer is a potter situated in Varberg, in the west coast of Sweden. Her first contact with clay was in 1982. Since then she never stopped learning and exploring the possibilities of clay. At first she worked as a journalist but for the last 10 years she is a full time potter. She has a large studio in an old bulls stable in the country side. Ulrika works mostly with stoneware and porcelain but also raku and sawdust firings.

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Having a Message | Isaac Scott | Episode 318

Isaac Scott | Episode 318

Isaac Scott is an Artist working and living in Seattle, WA. Isaac has been working with clay for over 9 years and his work is thrown on the potter’s wheel and decorated with silkscreen images of himself and people/places that inspires him. The goal of Isaac’s work is to inspire and uplift.

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Branding for the Small Business | Lainey Fink Scott | Episode 317

Lainey Fink Scott | Episode 317

Lainey Fink Scott is a ceramicist and designer based on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachussetts. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. There she enrolled in a ceramics class and fell in love with clay. After working with design firms in NYC and Boston, she teamed up with her husband/design partner, Ben Scott to form Bluerock Design. After moving to Martha’s Vineyard Lainey’s life shifted—she got back on the wheel and transformed her basement into a pottery workspace. While running Bluerock, her ceramics business has grown. This has allowed Lainey to hone her focus—creating structurally functional pieces that can be utilized every day. You can find Lainey most days arms deep in clay—throw, trim, glaze, repeat.

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Pottery, Pets, and People | Hadley Sedgwick | Episode 316

Hadley Sedgwick | Episode 316

Hadley Sedgwick is the owner, maker, and designer behind Hadley Clay Studio. Since 2009 Hadley has been creating custom pet mugs from her studio on a little island off the coast of Georgia. Hadley has a passion for animals, fascinated by color, and is a sucker for good design.

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A Niche Clay Story- Vantiki | Henrik Van Ryzin | Episode 315

Henrik Van Ryzin | Episode 315

Henrik Van Ryzin & Denise Van Ryzin make a variety of faux artifacts inspired by Polynesian Pop, adventure, exploration, and South Seas Mystery. Former Hollywood Artists (Henrik worked in Makeup FX, Denise in editing), they founded VanTiki Studio in 2001.

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A Ceramicist Changes Countries | Daisy Cooper | Episode 314

Daisy Cooper | Episode 314

After taking an evening class in ceramics, Daisy Cooper’s practice has become mainly self taught. Daisy has also trained herself in the fine arts. Growing up in Scotland influences Daisy’s work while searching for a sense of wilderness through form and colour and allowing each piece to bare the marks of the making process.

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A Walk Through the Event | OPA | Episode 313

OPA | Episode 313

The Oregon Potters Association has been a powerhouse her in the Pacific Northwest. With an entirely volunteer staff this organization has been able to put together the United States largest ceramic show called, Ceramic Showcase. The Ceramic Showcase has been an annual show that attracts collectors from all over the Northwest and beyond. Some of the nation’s best potters and ceramic artists show and sell their work at this event. So I walked around the event and recorded a few conversations.Continue reading

Making a Glassy Foot | Paul Ide | Episode 312

Paul Ide | Episode 312

Paul Ide is a diverse and accomplished artist who has exhibited his work throughout the United States. He received his undergraduate degree in Art from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2002. A potter, illustrator and muralist, he creates works that respond to the ever-changing seasons of his life. Having been greatly influenced early in life by the Hip Hop culture, his work, regardless the medium used, reveals this influence allowing him to visually communicate his ideas in a way that is deeply and personally rooted. Paul works at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota as the Center for Creativity Ceramic Studio Technician, and Social Outreach Coordinator.

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The Jonescast is Casting Again | Brian R Jones | Episode 311

Brian R Jones | Episode 311

After a couple years of taking a break, Brian Jones is at it again with his groundbreaking podcast, The Jonescast. Brian was the first “real” podcast on the subject of ceramics and helped to pave the way for others like Ben Carter of Tales of the Red Clay Rambler and myself. So I am really excited to see Brian’s show relaunching. So we grabbed the mics and had a talk and got caught up.

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Lunch With Sculptors | Francoise LeClerc & Michelle Gregor | Episode 310

Francoise LeClerc & Michelle Gregor | Episode 310

Michelle Gregor (Left) & Francoise LeClerc (Right)

I had the privilege of of having lunch with Michelle Gregor and Francoise LeClerc at the historic Huber’s restaurant in downtown Portland, OR during NCECA 2017. It was such a delight spending time with them. The fun thing about this interview is that it took place during our lunch. So there is a lot of background noise and the sound of eating. But more importantly, there was a lot of deep discussion about the the life of artists.

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