Keeping Isolation at Bay | Leilani Trinka | Episode 278

Leilani Trinka | Episode 278


leilani-trinka-7Leilani Trinka is a ceramic artist, born and raised in Hawaii but now living in Singapore. She works exclusively in porcelain and specializes in creating hand built objects with a functional approach. Her work is made from textured slabs, is generally small in scale, is highly detailed and meticulously crafted. Leilani is enthused by pattern and inspired by both the manmade and the natural worlds. She produces work that brings her joy and makes her smile.




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What is your inspiration for the style of work you are doing?

I think it goes back to the idea of being mindful and of taking stock and being more in the moment. We are all rushing around constantly trying to get from one thing to the next and I want my work to be accessible so that it is not so foreign to people that they are afraid of it, but I also want it to draw people in and sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. Maybe it’s a talking point that leads to an experience. I am hoping my work enriches people’s experience to make them stop and think, not just grab a plastic cup. Let’s appreciate where we are right now.


So you went to your first opening in a long time. What was something about the opening that surprised you, that you weren’t expecting?

I think it was just the amount of energy that was throwing around the room. People were so excited to be there from the public and the artists themselves, it was a real buzz that I remember but that I had forgotten about. It was such a rush of being in that environment. It was wonderful, I loved it.


What is your biggest challenge as a maker?

I think it’s the time. It’s making the time without the guilt as a mom, my priorities are with my son. It’s making the time to get myself in the studio and give myself a chance to break through the creative barriers that come up from time to time.



What motivates you to keep pressing forward (to keep working)?

I think it is me, it is the one thing in my life that is very much me. It allows me to express myself in ways that I can’t verbally. It allows me to share my ideas and it gives me a voice.


How do you find the shows that you have applied for?

I look a lot at the internet. I go to galleries that I admire. I use Ceramics Monthly, that’s a great venue to find shows. I now repeat many of the shows that I have been in before.

When you think of  your work you have your own impression if it, but how do you hope others will think of your work?

I hope that people are surprised by what they see in a positive way. It’s almost a sense of wonder of an Oh wow moment. To be able to be pleasantly surprised at finding something new or having pleasure seeing something. I am hoping I get that across.




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