Writing a Diary with Art | Minah Kim | Episode 179

Minah Kim | Episode 179

Minah Kim

Minah Kim VasesMinah Kim was born in 1991 in a small and complex city with lots of people and buildings. The city was always lit up with lights even in very late night til dawn. Minah often enjoyed playing with her camera and catching those lights from the buildings. To Minah the lights shining over the window seemed like stars. Naturally she got to think about the life of individual a lot in the city that never sleeps. The individuals she observed were usually her peers. She became more interested to observe the changes happening around those individuals. She constantly drew and tried different material rather than only-using ceramics and has interests in philosophy.


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How do you build a community when you are a traveler?

Well. I like talking to strangers. I have lots of questions. And specifically I like talking to the artists. When ever I have the opportunity I sign up for short term workshops. I want to share ideas with other artists.

Minah Kim Various

How do you share ideas and stay true to your own flavor? 

Sometimes I don’t understand everybody’s inspiration. Sometimes I get very intrigued by someone’s work, but I don’t really get bothered from their idea. I don’t really spend my time comparing my work to others work.

Minah Kim Three Vases

How do you get ideas for your own work?

I observe daily life. I think it’s very inspiring to see mundane stuff. I see those people every day, but it feels different every time. I don’t know how to express it. I write in a  diary everyday. I take notes in the subway on my way to university or when I travel.

Minah Kim Series of a Loaf 1

How has your work changed over time? 

I think the idea I want to express is narrowing down. The first time I was making my work the topic was too broad and ambiguous. I didn’t really know what to express. As time goes by I think I’m getting more clear about my topic.

Minah Kim Seed Pod

How do you promote yourself? 

Most times through my website, but I don’t really show my work on Instagram. I show my completed finished work through Facebook.  I think Facebook is more formal than Instagram.

Minah Kim Room

If you were to live in one place for the rest of your life where would it be and why? 

That’s so hard! I’d live in Iceland and enjoy the aurora for the rest of my life.

Minah Kim Loaf Series 2

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