Seasons of a Potter’s Life | David Voorhees | Episode 181

David Voorhees | Episode 181

David Voorhees

David Voorhees wood-fired stoneware slab vaseDavid Voorhees is a western North Carolina potter. David has spent 40 years working in wood-fired porcelain and stoneware, oxidation porcelain, and a bit of raku. David is relatively new to wood-firing with his own wood kiln since 2009. He is passionate about this process, the community it requires, and the rebirth it has caused in his artist journey.

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David Voorhees, Stoneware Turqoise Pouting Teapot

You have been through so many stages of sales, how do you promote your work differently from the way you used to promote your work?

I do visit all my  galleries. I market my work in a more localized basis. I organize more of my own shows, through home sales, kiln openings, things like that. I like to use a balance of things, and it’s always shifting.

David Voorhees, Porcelain Amber Lugged Bottle Vase

How does a potter transition smoothly from the various seasons of life?

Change is hard. I am slow to change and I am usually forced to change. I don’t think there is necessarily a smooth transition. You can plan for it. We planned for some of our transitions and we talked about but when you get down to having to do it it’s challenging.

David Voorhees Stoneware Paddled Teapot

How important is flexibility for a potter to be able to go from season to season?

I think it is a great asset to have. I think being flexible is one of the things we do best.

David Voorhees Stoneware Paddled Pitcher

Tell me about the significance about choosing a good attitude?

Boy, you are kind of sunk without it. You can’t just choose it, it is something you have to work at. It something you have to grow into. I don’t really know how to answer that. I think it’s a personal challenge for each person.

David Voorhees shino fluted back handle stoneware teapot

What do you want to be remembered for?

For my family. The family I came from and the family I will leave behind. I love them.

David Voorhees pierced stoneware vase

Books mentioned:

Book Cover

Endurance by Alfred Lansing
Book Cover

Touching the Void by Joe Simpson

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